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An Update That Improves on All the Shortcomings of Its Predecessor

A Review On: V-MODA XS


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Pros: -Still retains that amazing M-80 sound -Build is top-notch -Incredibly portable -It's so comfortable!

Cons: -Trebles still slightly lacking -Doesn't perform well in windy environments -New V-Cork is easily misplaced

Pictures (and videos) are worth more than words. Sometimes.




Great review!

Question, would these be any good for running? I need something that can hold itself in place and not fall off of my head..
Look at the episode from Head-Fi TV with Jude and Val Kolton (V-Moda's CEO) where Val Kolton jumps a couple times to show that they dont fall off. Apparently he wears them while running.  
That actually depends on your head shape. They are very secure on my head, but on my friend's head, they slip off when she looks down. One time while riding the subway the shaking of the train knocked them off her head. YMMV.
And the amount of hair (i have very little). But good to know because to me that is the single most annoying thing. I returned a pair of Fidelio L1s because of that. 
Nice review Spider!!!
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