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V-MODA XS Reviews


HUGE sound packed in a very small, ultra-portable package


Pros: Dynamic, balanced, nice detail, extremely comfortable, and more portable than the most portable of cans

Cons: May not have enough sparkle for treble-heads, otherwise the highs are much airier and more improved than the M-80s

The XS is one of the most portable, best-built and packaged headphones you can find on the market today. Not to mention, it is the smallest headphone I've encountered that packs the biggest sound that is also incredibly balanced and neutral compared to many headphones out there. I thought the M-80, its predecessor, was amazing when it came out a couple years back, but I'm in awe at how much V-MODA was able to improve an already great headphone in basically every category. Ergonomics and aesthetics: The XS is extremely lightweight and more head-conforming. While I considered the comfort of the M-80 just fine, the XS takes it to the next level now that the headband, itself, is lighter...
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Near-Perfection in an uber-Portable Package


Pros: Build, folding, overall tonal balance, immense detail and precision, style

Cons: Small soundstage

The XS is the direct successor to V-Moda's famed Crossfade M80. This successor stays true to the root of the word, and is a massive success of both a headphone and a product.        The build quality of the XS is beyond almost every other portable headphone that I've used, except for other V-Moda models, which it is on par with, naturally. XS is built using a lot of high quality stainless steel and some rock-solid plastics. The folding mechanism is extremely rugged as well, and should promise a very long lifespan.  This durability doesn't just end with the headphone however. Like other V-Moda headphones, the cables that are supplied are reinforced with...
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Great portable package (easily fit in a coat pocket) with lush beautiful midrange, easily one of the best on ear headphones on the market today


Pros: small form factor(folds up!), very very comfortable absolutely gorgeous mids, fairly linear overall bass, good treble extension,balanced overall sound

Cons: isolation(better for walking around,busing>airplanes or subway), slight more midbass (punch) than my preferred, wish soundstage was bigger

below is a review of of the v-moda xs! check out my channel(like and subscribe) recently uploaded a review and comparison with the v-moda m100s

My favorite V-Moda to date!!! Love it!!!


Pros: Cliqfold compact design, sound quality improvement (over M-80), comfortable fit

Cons: noise isolation

I'm not hiding the fact I'm a big fan of V-Moda headphones. Some headphones have the look, others the sound signature, some come with unique accessories, others have build quality, some cost arm'n'leg to justify their superiority, others are on a budget at the expense of cutting corners. With V-Moda, where the founder Val Kolton has a vision similar to proportions of "Steve Jobs", nothing gets overlooked. I know it's a very bold statement to compare someone who designs and manufacturers headphones to a creator of Apple products, but that's exactly how I felt after reviewing their M-80 and M-100 headphones and even Faders earplugs. It really felt like they put a lot of thought into every...
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Super portable, great sounding


Pros: Portability factor is high, kevlar cables, sound quality, included carrying case

Cons: Small soundstage, somewhat uncomfortable for long listening sessions

Whenever i saw these at best buy, i became very excited. Why? Because i just was. I have seen reviews where people have them on their head, and they were not bulky, obnoxious, whatever. They were super slim, and i really liked that about these. I got these from best buy online with a gift card, and the second i placed the order, i was overcome with excitement. Now, to me, the unboxing experience is nothing to brag about, although v-moda has done a good job with packaging so far. The headphones only come with one cable as opposed to two, like with the M80s, which these are supposed to be the successor to. Now, let's jump into the sound quality:   In terms of bass, i really enjoyed...
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Review: The V-MODA XS


Pros: good highs, fluid mids, excellent female vocals, decent air between instruments, slightly expanded sound stage compared to original M80

Cons: noise idolation is only decent, would have liked just a tad more detail in the mids, wish cables had been improved

Copied and pasted directly from the description section of my YouTube video   Over two years ago Val Kolton, the CEO of V-Moda, sent me his then recently released M80 Crossfade on ear mobile headphone. He sent it to me, and others, free of charge in exchange for a review noting the pluses and minuses of his new product. It was my very first official review for a company and the online community of head-fi. Unknown to me, two plus years later my rants and ravings over gear have yet to stop. In my mind it was Val Kolton and his M80 who started me down this path of pseudo armchair audio gear reviewer.   The XS isn't a new product but a tweaked product that builds off the...
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Beyond what I expected from an on the ear headphone


Pros: Phenomenal sound, compact, and lightweight.

Cons: N/A

First off, I just got off a 14 hour shift and I'm a little too tired to be very descriptive and detailed, but I'll do my best :). I have a pair of M-80's and I never was able to fall in love with them. That being said, the XS is the "new and improved" version of the M-80. There are a few key changes with the XS. The clamping force is significantly less and much more comfortable (while still staying firmly on your head). The sound is slightly different but quite amazing. One of the things I didn't like about the M-80 was that headphones produced a higher treble that I prefer. From the moment I first put the XS on, I loved them. The sound was crisp and firm while being very balanced (keep...
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