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A Review On: V-MODA XFLPR-PWHITE Overear Crossfade LP Overear Headphones (Pearl White)

V-MODA XFLPR-PWHITE Overear Crossfade LP Overear Headphones (Pearl White)

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Pros: Bass extends well and has very good impact. (will literally rumble at high volumes), sound stage is deep, isolate well, amazing build quality

Cons: can get uncomfortable after long sessions, can get warm(good in winter, bad in summer here at least)

Paid: 124.99 USD


Let me start by saying I use these 90% of the time for listening to Electro, Dubstep, House, etc. and the rest watching movies and t.v. I'll start with design and build quality. These things are made very well. They seem like they could take a few accidents and still sound and look like they did when you got them. headband is very flexible, bails are solid metal, adjustment mechanism clicks satisfyingly, and they are very good looking. The cord is detachable which is huge plus in my opinion. As far as comfort goes these are pretty comfy. I would give it a five in comfort but they start to put pressure on glasses after about an hour, but an adjustment  or a short 10 sec break and its fixed. However, I've yet to put on a headphone that didn't put pressure on my glasses after a while so that is something to keep in mind. They isolate well enough to get the job done. I can be on a noisy bus and have the volume at 60-70 percent and not be bothered by outside noise. However, at really loud volumes you could have someone shouting at you right in your face and not hear them (not recommended ). 


Now to sound. For my tastes in music, as stated previously, these are great! The bass will rumble your brain, punch you in the face, and do it without making everything else inaudible. With SQ the treble and midrange are a little recessed but I just EQ them up and it sounds almost perfect for my taste. I do feel that it could be better if the bass and mid-range were separated a bit better, but they may be unrealistic at this price. The soundstage is, IMO, pretty deep and has height, but it could be wider for sure. sometimes things feel tight and in your face but this is not really a bad thing in my opinion, makes some music feel right. Overall, if your a bass head or you like EDM then these will not disappoint. However, you should listen them first if your going to use anything else with them because I can't really be the judge of that. To me, it makes genre's like rock sound lifeless, but I think they sound good with classical. Gives the Zelda 25th anniversary soundtrack lots of power IMO xD. I haven't noticed any sibilance which is defiantly  a good thing. 


Overall, a very fine headphone that can stand up to portable use and look and sound good while it does it. Don't let the good looks put you off, they are well worth the price. 

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Thanks for the great review charvat8. Just got these about a week ago in black and they are truly amazing. Its miracle like how full and warm the bass is while treble and midrange are not lessened in their audio goodness. Just started using the V-Moda at regular volume last night after a week of breaking them in at low volumes and i was amazed at the level of detail when playing games like Skyrim and Serious Sam 3. I could actually feel a realistic thud when i bump against a wall in Serious Sam 3 while in Skyrim combat had plenty of bass impact while the clanging of swords clashing still was nice and sharp in the treble department. The wind was nicely thick and noticeable with birds and the sound of rushing water by a nearby stream alive with clarity. I feel like a buetiful expensive speaker system is strapped on to my head when wearing the V-Moda headphones. They truly satisfy like no other.