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V-MODA XFLPR-PWHITE Overear Crossfade LP Overear Headphones (Pearl White)

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #468 in Headphones


Pros: Comes with a lot of accessories, very sturdy, stylish, ear pads are some of the softest Ive ever had on my ears.

Cons: A little bulky even in their case for toting around, bass can be muddy at times

Company Name: VMODA

Company Website: http://v-moda.com

Headphone Model: VMODA Crossfade Custom LP (Pearl White, gray ear pads, gray cord, and metallic silver plates)

Frequency Range: 5Hz-30Khz

Headphone Style (Open, Closed, etc.): Closed

Impedance: 32 Ohms

Sensitivity: Not Listed

Pros:  Comes with a lot of accessories, very sturdy, stylish, ear pads are some of the softest Ive ever had on my ears.

Cons: A little bulky even in their case for toting around, bass can be muddy at times

Rating scale is based on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 being the worst, 3 being neutral, and 5 being the best.

Describing Sound: http://www.head-fi.org/a/describing-sound-a-glossary

Audio Quality:  3.5 of 5

Comfort: 4 of 5

Design: 4 of 5

Isolation: 4 of 5

Value: 3 of 5

Overall Rating: 4 of 5

Songs that were used to test (320KBPS MP3 converted from FLAC):

  1. Adelitas Way - Critize
  2. Fun - Some Nights
  3. Styx - Come Sail Away
  4. Marvin Gaye - I Want You
  5. Journey - Dont Stop Believing


  1. Adelitas Way comes out very bass heavy, but its not over powering. You can hear the background music and voices just fine. There is a spot in the first minute and 15 seconds where the bass and background music slows down. During this quick break you can hear the artists voice very clearly. Overall sounds very nice and is a fun track for these cans.
  2. Fun's Some Nights starts with the singer and very little background music. The singers voice is clear. About 50 seconds into the track the bass lines start and are decently heavy. During the bass lines you can still hear the artists voice very clearly. At about 1:22 during the track the constant bass line stops and has a few kick drums. They seem very accurate and have a little punch to them as you would expect. At 3:00 the artist is alone and sounds very clear.
  3. Styx Come Sail Away is a nice classic with a piano opening. 17 seconds into the track the singer comes in nice and clear and sounds amazing through out the introduction. At 1:30 there is a faint cymbal in the background music that comes into play. Its noticeable right away. At 2:25 the bass kicks in and is slightly over powering. at 4:29 the drums pan from right to left and this set of cans shows that off very well. Overall the song has alot of detail and is played with clarity throughout.
  4. Marvin Gaye's I Want You starts off on the left side of the stage and slides to the right within the first 20 seconds of the song. The entire song is very analytical. The stage is set nicely and changes sides frequently. The background music wasnt over powering on this one and everything had a nice smooth sound too it.
  5. Journey's Dont Stop Believing is another song that starts off with a nice piano introduction with the singer. At 55 seconds you can hear the sparkle in the background. At 1:25 the background music is on in full effect. The bass and upper end frequencies blend nicely throughout the entire song.

Overall the Crossfade's have a reputation for being bass heavy. I intentionally picked music that had a wide range of frequencies and tried to stay away from some of the more bass heavy music. Overall these headphones are a good all around can. They can do alot of things well for most casual listeners. These are great for audio enthusiasts who love bass heavy music. At a price point of $110 from various online retailers I would consider these a decent entry level headphone for the new comers who dont want to spend a ton right out of the box. Along with the money you spend you also get portability and accessories. You get multiple wires (with and without volume controls), cleaning cloth, and a nice portable case.


Original Review:




Pros: Bass extends well and has very good impact. (will literally rumble at high volumes), sound stage is deep, isolate well, amazing build quality

Cons: can get uncomfortable after long sessions, can get warm(good in winter, bad in summer here at least)

Paid: 124.99 USD


Let me start by saying I use these 90% of the time for listening to Electro, Dubstep, House, etc. and the rest watching movies and t.v. I'll start with design and build quality. These things are made very well. They seem like they could take a few accidents and still sound and look like they did when you got them. headband is very flexible, bails are solid metal, adjustment mechanism clicks satisfyingly, and they are very good looking. The cord is detachable which is huge plus in my opinion. As far as comfort goes these are pretty comfy. I would give it a five in comfort but they start to put pressure on glasses after about an hour, but an adjustment  or a short 10 sec break and its fixed. However, I've yet to put on a headphone that didn't put pressure on my glasses after a while so that is something to keep in mind. They isolate well enough to get the job done. I can be on a noisy bus and have the volume at 60-70 percent and not be bothered by outside noise. However, at really loud volumes you could have someone shouting at you right in your face and not hear them (not recommended ). 


Now to sound. For my tastes in music, as stated previously, these are great! The bass will rumble your brain, punch you in the face, and do it without making everything else inaudible. With SQ the treble and midrange are a little recessed but I just EQ them up and it sounds almost perfect for my taste. I do feel that it could be better if the bass and mid-range were separated a bit better, but they may be unrealistic at this price. The soundstage is, IMO, pretty deep and has height, but it could be wider for sure. sometimes things feel tight and in your face but this is not really a bad thing in my opinion, makes some music feel right. Overall, if your a bass head or you like EDM then these will not disappoint. However, you should listen them first if your going to use anything else with them because I can't really be the judge of that. To me, it makes genre's like rock sound lifeless, but I think they sound good with classical. Gives the Zelda 25th anniversary soundtrack lots of power IMO xD. I haven't noticed any sibilance which is defiantly  a good thing. 


Overall, a very fine headphone that can stand up to portable use and look and sound good while it does it. Don't let the good looks put you off, they are well worth the price. 


Pros: Crazy good sound! Great price!

Cons: They don't look as great as some headphones, I would prefer it if they didn`t have any noise cancellation (100% open)

Frequency range: 5Hz - 30kHz

Impedance: 32 Ohms

THD (total harmonic distortion): 0.05%

Sensitivity: 105 dB

noise cancellation: 10dB

I bought these headphones for 200$ (they retail for 250) and I love them! I listen to heavy bass music (mostly dubstep) and these headphones handle it no problem. I'm not sure if I would recommend these headphones to someone who doesn't like to have a good amount of bass in their music.

I use them with a Fiio E7 amp (minijack to ipod doc to bypass ipod amp) though it is not absolutely necessary and an iPhone.

I recommend them!



Pros: Very loud, good for DJing. Good highs and mids. Awesome carrying pouch. Very good looking

Cons: Bass maybe a little too loud for studio listening.

These are gorgeous headphones. You won't find any other headphone with much style as these. No need for an amp, these headphone are made for ipod listening so they are loud enough to blow your head with heavy bass. This is the only cons... cons for people who like smooth studio listening won't like it. People who are always in noisy place will love them cause they are VERY loud and hard on the bass. Very good for DJing, but no earcup swivel. At a MSRP of 200$, they are a little bit overpriced IMO, but you can find good deal on the bay.














V-MODA XFLPR-PWHITE Overear Crossfade LP Overear Headphones (Pearl White)

V-MODA Crossfade LP headphones are the result of over four years of research and development collaborating with some of the worlds top artists, products and DJs.  The revolutionary metal design, patent pending 50mmm Multimodal HD drives, premium materials and ultimate ergonomic comfort create the most sophisticated headphone on the market.  Our award winning sound and signature bass make the Crossfade LP the best headphone for listening to all music genres from the street to the stage.

FeatureOne Year V-Moda Premier Warranty
Height4.4 inches
Length7.13 inches
Weight1.8 pounds
Width9.45 inches
List Price$249.99
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
Product Type NameHEADPHONES
TitleV-MODA XFLPR-PWHITE Overear Crossfade LP Overear Headphones (Pearl White)
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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