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Too muddy: You can do better for $100

A Review On: V-MODA XFLPR-PHCHROME Crossfade LP Overear Headphones (Phantom Chrome)

V-MODA XFLPR-PHCHROME Crossfade LP Overear Headphones (Phantom Chrome)

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Pros: Elevated bass, decent electronic sound

Cons: Clamping (See review), muddy midrange, recessed treble.

I bought these on clearance from Radio Shack for $100 on a day when I was off from school. This was my first $100+ pair of headphones, and I have to say, I'm very pleased with the result.


First, I'm going to go over some main complaints, and how I feel about them.


1) The fit. V-MODA decided to place the drivers super close to your ears, so if you have remotely protruding ears like mine, you'll only be able to keep them on an hour at a time. HOWEVER, if you get a foam pad off of a cheap pair of come-withs, and place them in the cups, the headphones feel phenomenally better than before. It just so happened that the pads in my come-with headphones have foam pads that fit exactly inside the cups of the ears, and haven't fallen out since. Other than that, adjustable sides, rotating cups on the up and down, but no side-to-side.


2) Accessories. They come with a very nice case that holds the headphones snugly. On the sides, Elastic bands hold cables and the like in place. The Phones come with a 3 button mic cable, a standard audio cable, a 1/8" to 1/4" audio jack adapter, and a carabiner for the case. Overall, the accessories are fairly nice.



Overall, The headphones have a really nice sound. They, for sure, blow the Beats Studio out of the water, and they definitely aren't just a full-on bass assault. The bass is there, noticeable, but to me, not in your face. The highs are really good, but to some might sound recessed. Mids are also very good. In terms of genres, Trance, House, and Dubstep are extremely impressive. Val's dedication to make headphones that try to express the club feel really shows in these 'phones. I personally listen to music at a fairly low volume (About 4 clicks up from bottom for the most part on the E6), but I can still feel the bass. Very bassy, good examples are A Brief Introduction on Dubstep Production by Dubba Johnny, Crush by Pendulum, Chordplay by Oliver Smith, and Disco Falls by Digital Freq. All Electronic forms of music sound best on the Red EQ setting on the E6. The phones also handle other genres very well, IMO. I listened to the ALAC of Californication (The self master, with highly improved Dynamic Range) through these, and it still sounded great, without any overload of bass. Any genre besides Electronic seems to sound best on the Blue EQ setting. Other examples of good songs that, to me, sound good on these are Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots, Just Like You by Three Days Grace, and Show Me How To Live by Audioslave. Also worth noting is Radiohead's Kid A (Song, Not Album) Sounds very interesting with this setup. They have a great sound overall. If you have problems, both the iPod and the E6 can very easily be modified to help your situation.


4) Appearance. Although trivial, these headphones still have an absolutely amazing design. Factor in the fact that V-MODA lets you get custom side plates, and you have a killer appearance. The full metal, large design is sure to turn heads.


So yeah. The only slight problem with these is the comfort factor, which is easily fixed. 4.5/5.

I'm leaving the other stuff up there just because.
After discovering other headphones (Currently using a set of Grado SR225i), I came to the realization that these are entirely too muddy.
I sold them to another head-fi member for about $50.
You can get better things for $100. Just ask around.
They do have nice bass, but it's too loose. Punchier bass is definitely nicer. The muddy midrange made these near unlistenable for anything that wasn't electronic.
After hearing the M-80, I pretty much realized that these really were not the God-Tier headphone I thought they were.
Sorry for any confusion my bad review I may have caused. Go pick yourself up a pair of M-100s if you really dig the look of the LPs. I'd really only recommend this for people that are trying to ease their transition from Beats into the real high-end headphone world.


January 1970, nice!
i agree with what you said about the comfort issue. i had the same issue and placed some foam underneath the pads, which come off by simply pulling them off. i will admit that they were good while i had them, but i sold mine and bought the audio technica m50 limeted edition and i love them so much more. the audio technica has an angled driver and it is much more comfortable and spacious.
i wouldn't go off saying that the design is perfect because that is causing the comfort issue and i also believe that 5 stars on audio is reserved for only truly amazing headphones, but quite an accurate review other than that.
Where did you get the self-master version of Californication?
@WoahReQQuiem: It's been a while sine I downloaded it, I'll try to upload to MediaFire or make a torrent in the near future. If you search around with Google, you should have no problem finding it.