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A Review On: V-MODA XFLPR-PHCHROME Crossfade LP Overear Headphones (Phantom Chrome)

V-MODA XFLPR-PHCHROME Crossfade LP Overear Headphones (Phantom Chrome)

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Pros: Looks Great, Feels Great, Materials, Very Sturdy, Pretty Portable, Good Mids, A Lot Of Bass

Cons: Highs Are Muddy And Recessed, Lows Are Pretty Muddy, Not Very Comfortable

These headphones are at best good. They look amazing, with its very unique design. As well, these headphones are extremely sturdy, because of the excellent materials used (Leather, metal and memory foam.) These come with an awesome hard shell carrying case, which makes these headphones portable for every day usage. As for sound quality goes, the mids are good. They are pretty clear and accurate, without being recessed. The highs are muddy, and sound very muted and extremely recessed. The mids and lows bleed into the highs in my opinion. The lows are also muddy. Not as muddy as the highs, but still pretty muddy, even though there is an overwhelmingly a lot of bass. The bass seems very boomy, and not accurate and not well defined. Also, these are not that comfortable. The ear cups are way too small and has a very high clamping force.


Overall, I gave the overall a 3.5 stars because of its great design, durability and portability. I also tried the LP2, which is for sure a definite upgrade to the LP.


How is the LP2 an upgrade from the LP? Is just the build quality better, or is the sound clearer? The M80 interests me most of the V Moda headphones, however I doubt I would even consider buying it unless they eliminate the cord with the mic, and drop the price to well under $150. On Amazon they have the frequency response curves for the LP2 and M80, and the M80 is much flatter. The M80 has 40mm drivers vs 50mm in the LP and LP2.
Here's what it says on the vmoda website:Fine tuned sound signature based off the critically acclaimed Crossfade LPRefined mids + highs, slightly lower bass (~1dB @ 100Hz)Minimalist design with virtually no V-MODA branding so you can endorse yourself™, should you chooseCustomizable Gunmetal Shield Kit
Just got these yesterday at Radio Shack for a $100.00 and after burning them in most of the night with a good mix of different music from classical to industrial and ambient they are really starting to open up. The bass is the best i have ever heard according to my taste. Very rich full and balanced enveloping the entire audio spectrum compared to the Sony MDR XB500s where the bass stands out in its own space next to the treble.
Treble and midrange are getting better the more i use them with a warm quality to them out of my Onkyo TX-8555 stereo reciever. When i first used them last night things were muddy which was to be expected from what i read online. Now things are opening up nice and it will be interesting to see how the midrange and treble end up sounding compared to the already delicious thick milky bass.
Sound isolation is fantastic greatly enhancing immersion thanks to the memory foam keeping out environmental distractions. These isolate even more then the fabulous KRK-KNS 8400 i picked up last week. There is no discomfort when wearing the V-Moda. Maybe my big head is just the right size for headphones :D
With the V-Modas and the KNS 8400 i have found two headphones which completely satisfy and will probably now stop buying headphones sticking to music purchases and perhaps one more set of bookshelf speakers. As far as sound leakage i have yet to see it perhaps due to getting plenty of audio at a surprising low volume setting of 10 compared to my other headphones which usually have a volume setting of 18 to 25.
Being a bit of a advertising buff i was really impressed and overjoyed with the buetiful stylish packaging of the V-Modas aswell as the sleek sexual futuristic look of the headphones themselves which are marvelously constructed. Am really happy i purchased the V-Modas and feel quite fortunate to have got them at this amazing low price. Much thanks to the creators of this artistic masterpiece of audio design known as the V-Moda.