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good for first headphones, but lack treble.

A Review On: V-MODA XFLPR-NERO Crossfade LP Overear Headphones (Black/Chrome)

V-MODA XFLPR-NERO Crossfade LP Overear Headphones (Black/Chrome)

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Pros: very light headphones; good bass

Cons: pads not deep enough, lack of treble. no "sparkle" in highs. bass is slightly muddy

in a nutshell, i find my head bobbing with these headphones on. now onto the specifics.



these headphones look great. they look so much better that other headphones i have seen. if you do not like it to stand out, then these are not for you.



if you do not have ears that stick out more than normal, like i do, then these headphones are extremely comfortable. as my ears touch the inside of the ear cups, they become uncomfortable after about an hour, i am seeking a solution


sound quality. 

the bass is good and forward, the mids are where they need to be. the real problem is that there is a lack of highs. it will produce high frequency sound, but it lacks the "sparkle" that i found in my new cans, the ath-m50s/le


these things are built well, the flaw that was previously in the building process has been fixed, and i think these cans will last me quite well. the cables are removable. the only design flaw. the cable that passes the signal to the right ear may wear out, as it is bent a bit by the frame. if it does, i am happy to have a warranty.


Please update if you have found the solution for the comfort issue! I have exactly the same problem!
I've got the same cans in white and I agree with your review one-hundred percent :). Can't wait to get my hands on some LP2s now xD
i think i have an idea for the comfort, creating a spacer shaped like the piece that clips into the cans. they feel great, but were not made deep enough. i would glue the spacer to the pads and it should be ok
I just picked these up on a whim when buying paper goods at Costco ($79). Before putting them in my cart, I did a quick review check on my iPhone. Exited to get home for a pleasant surprise and I was let down. Tons of bass!!! Muddy bass that distorted everything else. If that's what you like then they are a great value. I quickly plugged in my IEM Jays - q-Jays for a comparison and the even though the bass is subdued on the the Jays, the rest of the register just kicked the V-Moda's butt. I listen to 5 different kinds of music to be sure, packed up the cans and put them in my car to be returned. I'd have to imagine it would be worth the extra $50 to get the AT M-50's. However, this side bar isn't helping me decide between the AKG-550 or Ultrasone Pro-900.
ath-m50 is definitely worth it, i love my m50's i have the limited edition and love them. against iems for sound quality there is no contest, but i truly think their fatal flaw is that the pad isn't deep enough.