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V Moda Crossfade LP Review

A Review On: V-MODA XFLPR-GUNBLACK Crossfade LP Overear Headphones (Gunmetal Black)

V-MODA XFLPR-GUNBLACK Crossfade LP Overear Headphones (Gunmetal Black)

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Pros: Comfortable, Good Bass, Good Quality, Nice controls, Good overall, good value

Cons: They are somewhat heavy, so they can be a little uncomfortable after about 2 hours of use.

I purchased these headphones  after narrowing down my search to Beats by dre solo HD and these. I actually tried the Solos, (I was hearing mixed reviews of them) and they were awful. I then tried on the V Moda Crossfade LPs, and it was the best feeling i ever got from a pair of headphones. I also got them on Amazon for 120.00, so i recommend getting them there instead of on the V Moda website for 250.00. As for the case and accessories, you can see that they really took their time making these. I love these headphones. And if you don't know already, STAY AWAY FROM MONSTER.


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