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V-MODA XFLPR-GUNBLACK Crossfade LP Overear Headphones (Gunmetal Black)

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Pros: Pleasing aesthetics, solid build quality, decent sound quality. (BASSSSSS)

Cons: Comfort is an issue for some (including sadly, me) bass can be overpowering on some recordings, soundstage

This is my first review here on head-fi. In the past I have owned quite a few headphones by skullcandy, but had not owned any high quality headphones until the LPs. I have owned these cans for approximately 3 months upon writing this review. I listen to mainly edm, house and some soft rock.



Design: These are IMO the most good-looking headphones I have ever seen. I didn't want any headphones that looked super geeky like the grados or the sennheisers so these hit the bulls-eye for me


Durability: These are also extremely durable, as they are made of metal mainly, with a little bit of plastic on the ear cups and on the part of the head band connecting to the ear cups. the plastic part connecting to the headband cracked sadly (but does not hinder functionality happily)


Comfort: Unfortunately these aren't the most comfortable headphone ever. I have owned the skullcandy hesh 2, and I could wear those for long periods of time without feeling ear fatigue. Not so with these, I am able to wear them for about an hour without discomfort but after an hour, my ears start to hurt. I have installed the paper towel mod that I heard about here on head-fi, and this bumped the time I can wear these to about an hour and a half without discomfort, but nonetheless these are not ideal for long listening sessions.



Sound Isolation: These are okay for sound isolation, not the best. These are semi-open back headphones so some external sound does pass through to your ears. 


Sound Quality:


               [Bass] These are the best bass in headphones I have ever heard. It is elevated and loose and will make you literally feel the kick drum it is sooooo good. The only complaint I have with these is                        on some recordings the bass is just too overpowering even for a bass-head like me. It is not an issue with house and edm music. Cellos are also detailed and you can hear every bow movement with extreme clarity and these really shine with cellos.


               [Mids] The mids on these are detailed and crisp, but they are recessed. Vocals are nice and pleasing, guitars are surprisingly good, you can hear every individual string strum with excellent clarity. Pianos sound kind of muddy, the individual keystrokes are not as crisp as I like. One weird issue I ran into is with singers singing harsh "s" sounds (such as with female vocalists) there was a pretty harsh hissing sound, and it distracts from some recordings.


               [Highs] The highs are rolled off slightly, but are nonetheless crisp and sparkly. 


Soundstage: The soundstage on these is a step up from just sounding like two speakers in your head. On the high bit rate ALAC files I have, you can tell the instruments coming from different directions in a 180 degree 'view' but there is no depth to it. 



Value: As these retail for around 130$ on amazon, I was extremely lucky to find a used pair for 71$ I would say these are worth it for anywhere less than 100$


I don't intend to rate or review the festive Gunmetal Black Crossfade LPs.  I wish only to say what Head-fi's strangely inclusive database will not -- that I owned them ever-so-briefly but no longer do.  


You can admire the look, build and accessories, but in order to keep the headphones themselves, you have to actually enjoy the way they sound.  


Let that be a lesson to me.


I wanted to like the LPs -- really, I did -- only they triggered scary feelings from childhood sessions with a false memory syndrome therapist.  Either he chained me up in his basement and inserted angry bees into my hospital gown while forcing me to lip-synch to "Dirrty" or he made me sit in his office long enough for me to notice clumps of glue in his tiny hairpiece and that's why I'm like this. 


My rating is neutral because it is intended to have no effect.  Let foonts who feel strongly about these headphones affect their status.


Only, if you wear them in my presence, please don't point to them and yell Simba.  I'm trying to forget.




Pros: Comfortable, Good Bass, Good Quality, Nice controls, Good overall, good value

Cons: They are somewhat heavy, so they can be a little uncomfortable after about 2 hours of use.

I purchased these headphones  after narrowing down my search to Beats by dre solo HD and these. I actually tried the Solos, (I was hearing mixed reviews of them) and they were awful. I then tried on the V Moda Crossfade LPs, and it was the best feeling i ever got from a pair of headphones. I also got them on Amazon for 120.00, so i recommend getting them there instead of on the V Moda website for 250.00. As for the case and accessories, you can see that they really took their time making these. I love these headphones. And if you don't know already, STAY AWAY FROM MONSTER.

V-MODA XFLPR-GUNBLACK Crossfade LP Overear Headphones (Gunmetal Black)

V-MODA Crossfade LP headphones are the result of over four years of research and development collaborating with some of the worlds top artists, products and DJs.  The revolutionary metal design, patent pending 50mmm Multimodal HD drives, premium materials and ultimate ergonomic comfort create the most sophisticated headphone on the market.  Our award winning sound and signature bass make the Crossfade LP the best headphone for listening to all music genres from the street to the stage.

FeatureOne Year V-Moda Premier Warranty
Height4.4 inches
Length7.13 inches
Weight1.8 pounds
Width9.45 inches
List Price$249.99
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
Product Type NameHEADPHONES
TitleV-MODA XFLPR-GUNBLACK Crossfade LP Overear Headphones (Gunmetal Black)
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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