Average sound quality, ruined by terrible fitting earbuds and very poor build quality

A Review On: V-Moda Vibe II Earbud Headset with Microphone (Black, iPhone Compatible)

V-Moda Vibe II Earbud Headset with Microphone (Black, iPhone Compatible)

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Pros: High quality cable, iPod compatability

Cons: Fragile, extremely uncomfortable, average SQ

I owned a pair of these earbuds for the long daily journeys back an forth to University.  The come with a selection of different ear fittings and a small leatherette pouch to keep them in.


The Good


The sound quality of these units isn't bad.  It's a little lifeless and flat, but certainly nothing to complain about.  The units seem to be very easy to drive, hearing no difference between my amplifier or phone.


Secondly, they isolate just about as well as any other IEM, and are made from some high quality materials.  The inclusion of a mic for phone call is also a nice touch


The Bad


Firstly, the most terrible problem is comfort.  I have used a great deal of IEM, and these are by far the most uncomfortable earphones I have ever used.  I used to have to pull them out every 10 minutes to give my ears a rest.  I tried every single earpiece that came with them, but it seems the actual driver of the earphones is either too big or too sharp.  After 6 months of use, I was still getting pain from them, so I know it isn't a case of "getting used" to new phones.


Secondly, I read a lot of stories about people saying the V-Moda units are poorly built.  Know, I always take really good care of my gear, so this didn't really phase me.  I should have listened.  With in a few month on of my earphones lost all high frequencies - like some one had placed a LPF @~ 4Khz.  After lost of emails back and forth, and posting the units from the UK to the US - I received am email informing me that they would not be honouring my warranty because I purchased them from Amazon.


So really, I paid $99 for sore ears, and a few months of use.  To top it all of the sound quality was extremely unimpressive.


I certainly wouldn't recommend these to anyone - and if my experience with the v-moda customer service is anything to go by, I would urge people to say clear of this range.


First of all, which product are you talking about?
Vibe 2 has been discontinued for a long time but our customer service always is willing to assist. The Amazon issue is because we have had a lot of fake and non-quality controlled V-MODA products being sold by third-parties. Who did you purchase it from on Amazon?
Contact support@v-moda.com and they'll take care of you, you need a Vibrato if you had Vibe 2. Everything is new on it and it's our best IEM yet.
FYI for everybody. ALWAYS buy directly from Amazon direct, V-MODA.com or major retailers, the third party and Ebays are usually FUGAZI... There are many fake V-MODA's being built in China now days, I suppose its flattering but it is a huge issue.
val, he probably bought it from vshopheadphones, the authorised one
First of all, no, I will not be contacting your customer support again. All they did was waste my time and money. They are currently sending my failed unit back to me, which I will in turn throw in the bin. Asserting that these were not genuine V-Moda units is a flat excuse, as I'm sure your customer support staf would have notified me, had that been the case.
Secondly, I do not want your earphones, I will not be buying nor purchasing your good again. It should not matter where I bought them, as you should support your products regardless. You know that I cannot be aware of your warranty technicalities before purchase, therefore how am I to know who is an 'official' supplier? I really found this to be a sleazy tactic.
Lastly, offering good customer support only after I have complained many times online does not equal "good customer support". You would not be responding to me if I had not made such a fuss.
I also must note, that I made this review because I felt forced to. It is an honest account of my experience, and does sum up my thoughts truthfully on the product.