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Pros: Good bass, very "fun" sound for electronic music

Cons: Not the best sound for other genres other than electronic music

Just got these headphones a couple of hours ago, and I'm writing this while listening to them out-of-the-box and unamped.


And since this is my first review, I hope you'll find it useful. And I'm trying to focus on the musical aspect, not really technical, especially because I'm not really familiar with all the terms smile.gif


First things first: I bought these for their "fun" sound, and this is what I'm focusing on on this "review". These are by no means, the most clear, detailed, balanced sound you can find, specially in this price range. That being said... let's start. I separate this review in:


1. Design / Build / Comfort

2. Sound

3. Accessories

4. Value

5. Conclusion


1. Design / Build / Comfort

As most of you should know, V-Moda has some very nice designs. Photos really don't do justice to the LP2s.


As for the build, you can really feel the quality when holding them. They seem extremely tough, while still looking sleek (unlike the HD 25-1, that feels like a tank and looks like a tank).


Comfort-wise, I'd say they're quite comfortable. I use glasses, and most headphones annoy me after 30 minutes / 1 hour. But I've been using the LP2 for almost 2 hours now, and while they don't "disappear" on my head, I feel I can go on using them for a longer time (and I haven't even bent the headband to loose the clamping force a bit).


2. Sound

Well, like I said, these are not balanced (they really have strong bass), and they're not very clear and detailed. But for electronic music (drum and bass, dubstep, house...), they're really "musical" and fun!


I'll admit I was expecting more from the sound, but once I played a techno set (MP3 320kbps), I got myself "dancing", and I realised for the reason I bought these cans, they're really worth it! The bass is impressive, mids and highs are a bit muffled but they're still quite clear considering the amount of bass.


Unfortunately, for other genres, the bass is too strong, and even lowering thru EQ, the mids and highs are not as clear as in other headphones, like the HD 25-1. So, to my ears, the LP2 is really tuned for bass-heavy electronic music (and by tuned, I mean in a fun way, not analytical way).


Listening to this track house (http://soundcloud.com/frenchexpress/malinchak-if-u-got-it), the bass and sub-bass are really present, while vocals remain clear and highs a bit crisp (again, considering the bass amount).


To sum up, it's a very bass-biased sound, but mids and highs are still there (unlike the Beats Solo). The sound is very fun, and I'd even say it's like a club sound around your ears (considering one goes to a club to have a good time, not really analyze the soundsystem biggrin.gif).


3. Accessories

Wow! Accessories! A nice case, 2 cables, an extra pair of shields, small cloth for cleaning the shields, 1/4" adapter... after getting the DT-660 and finding only a pair of headphones and a 1/4" adapter inside the box, opening the LP2 box felt like Christmas when I was child!


4. Value

This is the most subjective part of the review... I wanted a pair of around-ear headphones, but not so big (like the Pro 900) so I could still use them as my portable cans. Also, I wanted a very fun, club-like sound (I listen to a lot of electronic music).


For this reason, and considering the build quality and all the accessories, I think the price is quite fair. They're not cheap, but I wouldn't say they're expensive either (I got them new for 164 EUR at Amazon).


Are there better-sounding cans in this price range? Sure... I have the HD 25-1 II, and while I admit their sound is much better (sonically) than the LP2, for me, they're not as fun and engaging as the LP2 can be.


5. Conclusion

I'm really happy with my purchase. I was quite worried due to the high amount of bad reviews, but decided to pull the trigger and I was not disappointed!


If you're searching for a pair of good-looking, portable, around-ears headphones, with a fun, bass-heavy sound to listen to electronic music, you should consider the LP2. And then, forget about technicalities and just enjoy the music basshead.gif


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