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Pros: Comfortable, do electronic and synthesized music very well


Just got my V-Moda LP2's less than half an hour ago, writing this as I'm testing them.



Some things to keep in mind while reading the review:

  • These are my first set of closed over ear cans
  • This might be a bit unfair, but I'm A/Bing these with a set of Grado sr80i's with more than 100 hours on them. They're the only other thing I own that aren't IEM's
  • These have no burn in, but I will add onto this later once they're burned in.
  • I bought these knowing they're full sized cans, with the intent of portable use. They are light and small enough to be reasonably portable.



Right off, I have to say that the build quality of everything from the box to the case to the cans themselves feels remarkably solid and well done. The matte finish is really enjoyable to touch and everything is very smooth. Even the box is fun to touch...



The LP2's come with two V-Moda stickers, one clear with the logo and one black with the logo. They also include two male-male cables, one with a three button in-line remote and one longer, plain cable. They're the same cables that come with the m80's, which are made of Kevlar and terminate in a straight plug and 45 degree plug. They also came with a set of gunmetal-chrome side plates which are interchangeable with the matte black stock plates (V-Moda also offers the option to customize plates for a fee.) Also comes with a cleaning cloth with the V-Moda logo on it.





Lots of pictures (Click to show)

LP2 contents Everything the LP2 came with, don't mind the quarter.


Grado, iPod, LP2 comparisonSide by side comparison of the sr80i, a 120gb 6th gen iPod classic and the LP2

Quarter vs. LP2LP2 side by side with a quarter for size comparison




V-Moda stickers The V-Moda stickers


Also comes with a cleaning cloth with the vmoda logo on it, forgot to take a picture of it.



V-Moda says on the product page for the LP2 that these are minimally branded, and true to their claim, there is almost no branding on these. I noticed only three instances of branding.

  • There's the word V-Moda in red on the insides of the headband, above the L/R signs
  • A barely visible V-Moda on the top of the headband, which blends in really well
  • And lastly the -V- logo on the metal connectors holding the ear cups. 


Aside from that, you can't tell who made these, and to anyone who doesn't know the V-Moda logo, they probably won't notice anything.


The cushions are amazingly soft and conform to your head. They're really comfortable and I can see these being able to almost disappear with time. There are a ton of size possibilities on these, so unless your head is gargantuan, you should be fine. The cushions use V-Moda's BLISS technology with memory foam. Not quite sure how cushions have technology in them, but it works.



I'm going to go ahead and say right now that these sound pretty good out of the box.


These are said to have extended bass, and that is true to every letter of the word extended. When the track calls for bass, it gets BASS. Not like a punch to the side of the face bass, but like a long almost rumble bass that's not quite low enough to rumble. This could be a good or a bad thing, but I happen to like it. The bass feels controlled and doesn't bleed at all. Remember that I am using grado's as the a/b, which lack a good quantity of bass. So far, even without burn in, I feel like these cans have a good quantity of bass without losing quality.


These handled Pendulum's song Crush without any problems. Enough bass without overpowering the vocals or other instruments. I do have to say that when driving these from my Acer Aspire 5552 laptop, the electronic instruments sounded like they were broken and all I heard in place of them were weak sounding 'clicks'. I decided to play the same track through my iPod classic, and everything went fine. No clicks, the electronic instruments were back and everything sounded perfect. I wiped the sweat from my brow and decided that my laptop simply cannot drive these properly. 


EDIT: I swapped from the remote cable to the standard audio cable and plugged that into my laptop. Lo and behold, they work fine. No sound problems, all the music sounds as it did when played from the iPod. Must be some sort of remote incompatability with my computer.


Heading to Chiodos's song Caves, I was immediately impressed at the opening. My grado plays the opening bass as if someone was hitting a soup can with a teaspoon. Now I can actually hear the screams of a drum being beaten. Entering into the middle of the song, vocals are nicely handled, even the screams. I do feel like the bass mixes with the vocals on the bottom end a bit, hoping that'll fix up with a little burn in. The highs in this track are quite high for a male voice, but the LP2 handles them without a problem. No sibilance, no screeching pain, just lots of smiles.


Moving to A Skylit Drive's cover of the 1983 single Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) by Journey. The electronically synthed sounds came off perfectly, resulting in another opening that left me smiling. However, that smile vanished as the vocals began to play and I again felt like the bass messed with the bottom end of the vocals a bit. It isn't a huge problem that renders anything unlistenable, but it's not how the track sounded on my Grado. I will bring up the EQ later on my iPod and see if any settings fix this, or if it is going to be a problem.


Going to a genre I'm sure a few of you were waiting for; dubstep. Beginning with Skrillex's All I Ask Of You, the bass is plentiful and has a thumpy but controlled impact. In this song, everything went in perfect harmony. The bass didn't mess with the vocals or electronic sounds, and they didn't struggle in the least to keep up with the song. I have nothing but love for these cans when it comes to dubstep.


Moving to the final song I'll test these on; Lights and her song Ice. As previous, the opening just made me smile. I've got to admit that these sound really good. As with the dubstep, the bass didn't interfere with the vocals or other instruments. When it came time for that speedy section of the song, I smiled broadly. It's my favorite portion of the song, and these handled it like a racing car handling the curves of a racetrack. 


I also watched a movie, Black Hawk Down (2002) with these on. I've watched that movie at least a dozen times, and none of them were like this one. When those bullets whizzed by, you almost felt them. When those RPG's hit the buildings or a grenade exploded, the bass hit you. It was like being there in the raid with those soldiers. If I had any doubts about keeping these cans before I watched that movie, they're gone now.


EDIT: After a few hours of constant use, I feel like the bass doesn't interfere with the lower end of the vocals as much. Whether its due to burn in or I'm simply not hearing it anymore is a mystery, but I just wanted to put that out there.



The LP2 doesn't have a cavernous feel at all, but at the same time, doesn't provide that trapped in your head feeling you'd receive from other closed cans. I'd say that these (obviously) lack the open and airy sound if a Grado. It's hard to describe since I've heard very few over ear closed cans, but the stage feels wide enough to have everything fit together nicely. I don't feel any sort of cramping at all. These are big and somewhat boomy, but in a controlled way. Sound is very subjective and in my opinion, they do the job nicely.




Even without burn in, they're amazing headphones. While I do have a bit of complaint that the bass interferes with the vocals in some of the post hardcore and heavy rock, I love them already. They do dubstep, electronic and other synthesized sounds wonderfully. I haven't noticed a preference in male or female vocals, as they do both quite capably.

These are very comfortable, but it did take me a little while to adjust to the weight of these as compared to my Grado (which weigh almost nothing). 

I'd say that even as a broke college student, these are well worth their price. I love these already and I simply don't want to take them off. 


I've got to admit, I bought these cans skeptical that I'd like them seeing how there were literally no reviews and they'd be my first pair of this kind. But they sure do everything in their power to make me happy.



Nice review! Thnx for writing!
"All I ask of you" isn't dubstep, it's house, and also what is the difference between the LP2's and the LP's?
The LP2 is like the original LP but it's more for the DJ in the sense of durability. It's like they took the M80s and sized them up. I for one own a pair of the original Crossfade LPs and they sound great and look sleek. Also, here's a repsonse from V-MODA regarding the differences:

"LP2 is slightly refined in the mids/highs -fine tuned like a remaster. it's a rev though, not an all new sound signature and limited edition color/finish. I'll post FREQUENCY responses of LP vs LP2 soon"
Thanks for clearing that up :)
This is the best review on LP2 I was able to find in days. THANKS!
I am down with my preference to 3 models and cannot decide which one to get. Can you give me your opinion?
1) Pioneer HDJ-2000
2)V-Moda LP2
3)Technics RD-DH1200
I 've only heard stuff about the first two. In all honesty, it boils down to what you're looking for in a headphone and the pricing. I'd say more, but I'm biased because I quite like and enjoy my LP2.
The LP2 is upgraded LP.
I had to correct because IMHO the M-80 is higher quality. V-Moda said something about a 50mm circumaural version of the M-80 in 2012.
They aren't closed, they're semi-open. There's 3 vents on each earcup near the bottom of the faceplates.
Great review, and I'll try to help clear up the LP vs. LP2 confusion (I have the original LP's) The LP2's sacrifice a tiny bit of bass and refine the mids and highs. They aren't a replacement of the LP's, just a different sound signature.
A close friend of mine picked up the LP2's and they sound VERY similar to the LP's, but having said that, mine are broken in and I've heard that these cans really open up after about 24 - 48 hours of use.
Personally I went with the original LP's because I preferred their soundstage to the LP2's, but sound is person-specific so it's really the listeners deal.
Both LP and LP2 though claim to have military-grade construction, and I can testify to that. I can be pretty hard on my equipment, multiple drops/accidents with them (kids!), but they still look new, and sound like I bought them just a week ago.
Whichever model you go for, you'll be pretty damn happy with them. And you can smirk at everyone wearing Beats Studios because you paid less than half for twice the performance.
Great review. I do plan on getting the original Crossfades because I don't want my headphones to look like the Batmobile.
nice review any help on deciding between these and logitech ue6000 +a fiio 11 amp it'll be ipod nano 3-fiio e11-??? I listen to a tiny bit of Gorillaz, loads of Gotye and Some temper trap, NOT A BASSHEAD (am prepared to fiddle with eq a little)
nice review any help on deciding between these and logitech ue6000 +a fiio 11 amp it'll be ipod nano 3-fiio e11-??? I listen to a tiny bit of Gorillaz, loads of Gotye and Some temper trap, NOT A BASSHEAD (am prepared to fiddle with eq a little)
I know this is a while after you wrote this, but I have mad respect for you for mentioning "Crush". Pendulum forever! Also, "All I Ask of You", as mentioned already, is not Dubstep but house. Pendulum forever!
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