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V-MODA LP2 Reviews

Positive Reviews


V-Moda LP2


Pros: Comfortable, do electronic and synthesized music very well

  Just got my V-Moda LP2's less than half an hour ago, writing this as I'm testing them.   NOTE: Some things to keep in mind while reading the review: These are my first set of closed over ear cans This might be a bit unfair, but I'm A/Bing these with a set of Grado sr80i's with more than 100 hours on them. They're the only other thing I own that aren't IEM's These have no burn in, but I will add onto this later once they're burned in. I bought these knowing they're full sized cans, with the intent of portable use. They are light and small enough to be reasonably portable.     Right off, I have to say that the build quality of everything from the box to the case to the cans...
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Negative Reviews




Pros: Likes electronic, hip hop, machine sounds...can be very detailed sometimes

Cons: Huge veil on highs, overpowering bass, unspectacular sounding, picky about recording quality

This is an elitist headphone. It believes most youtube videos deserve death and suffering. It will turn down videos it does not like and add bass to cover whatever is left of those videos. It does not believe in more cowbell.    My first instinct was "these sound terrible worse than cheap sony headphones," but as I listened I realized it was just picky. It liked certain recordings others it wouldn't even consider.   The bass is overpowering for my tastes and the highs are ridiculously veiled so for most music this will make it sound unspectacular. I find I am missing the sparkle of highs I can usually hear in less bassy headphones.   In general the ATH-M50's are...
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More Reviews


Great looking and durable set of headphones with even greater audio quality


Pros: Sound signature, tight punchy bass, very comfortable earpads, build quality, included accessories, how it looks, customizable, subtle branding

Cons: Not suitable for Live Music in my opinion

These are my go-to set of headphones and I could have them on for 4-5h without fatigue or discomfort. I love the sound signature but understand it's not for everyone.   Highs: Clean, detailed, cymbals sound sparkly, but not fatiguing like the ATH-AD300   Mids: Well-defined, a bit recessed but fairly well balanced, warm vocals   Lows: Great bass (tight, punchy, accurate and do not bleed into the mids), no distortion like the Bose AE2 and QC25, not overly boosted like Beats   The only downside is live music sound like recorded music. In terms of spaciousness and wide sound stage, the LP2 is very good being closed-back, but it can't match open-back headphones like...
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A Car Speaker on your head! A Bass-head's soulmate!


Pros: AMAZING CONSTRUCTION, sound is descent, can be customized, descent price, ear cups are interchangeable, nice design, many accessories

Cons: not the best comfort, ear cups aren't breathable, one cable broke after two months

First off I want to clarify that I am not an "audiophile", nothing about me is audiophile related, except for the love of music listening and a hobby collecting headphones. So lets get right into the review. Ok the first topic i want to talk about these headphones is the design, this is my favorite part about this headphone, the entire headphone is mainly constructed out of metal and steel, the headband is made out of memory metal, which means is that you can bend the headphone all you want but the headphone will always go back into its shape. The adjustments on the headphone is made out of a very durable steel, I honestly don't think the adjustments won't...
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Built to last and great sound quality


Pros: Build quality, nice sound quality, good for electronic music

Cons: Somewhat muddy voice quality without amp, kind of heavy

The LP2s are one of the best in class cans in the $150-200 price range in my opinion. As V-MODA's slogan suggests, these have absolutely no plastic on them. To fully experience these headphones, I would buy an amp. These headphones sound the best with house and electronic music. They are a very handsome pair of cans, V-MODA has done an amazing job designing these. Although they are a tad bit heavy, they will last you for at least 3 years. There's my 2 cents, I would recommend these to people looking for a pair of headphones used for traveling.
puppy puke

V-Moda LP2 Special Edition


Pros: Great all around sound.

Cons: not a lot of room for ears.if you have big ears these might become on-ears.

I had a pair of Bose Headphones and they broke so i did some research on headphones and found these. Since i got them i have loved them and am looking to buy the M-100's soon. Would recommend if you're not looking to spend $310.00 on the new ones.

First impressions


Pros: Good bass, very "fun" sound for electronic music

Cons: Not the best sound for other genres other than electronic music

Just got these headphones a couple of hours ago, and I'm writing this while listening to them out-of-the-box and unamped.   And since this is my first review, I hope you'll find it useful. And I'm trying to focus on the musical aspect, not really technical, especially because I'm not really familiar with all the terms    First things first: I bought these for their "fun" sound, and this is what I'm focusing on on this "review". These are by no means, the most clear, detailed, balanced sound you can find, specially in this price range. That being said... let's start. I separate this review in:   1. Design / Build / Comfort 2. Sound 3. Accessories 4....
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