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V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Reviews


great looks, great sound: a fashion headphone I don't mind wearing


Pros: aesthetics, soundstage, balanced sound, build quality

Cons: weak isolation, treble clarity, subbass cleanliness

Here is my comparison/review vs several other popular headphones in the portable closed genre: http://www.head-fi.org/t/574617/review-comparison-beyerdynamic-dt1350-t50p-sennheiser-hd25-1-ii-hd25-13-ii-pioneer-hdj-2000-v-moda-m80-aiaiai-tma-1

Great sounding portable headphones


Pros: Very nice sound, excellent build quality, looks nice too

Cons: doesn't isolate all that well

            INTRO   I was chosen by V-MODA to be part of their “M-80 audio voyage” program. They chose 10 members from the forum and gave each one a free set of their new Crossfade M-80 on ear headphones, complete with custom engraved side panels. With an MSRP of $230 for the headphones plus $20 for the custom engraving, that’s theoretically $2,500 being given away to forum members – quite a generous showing from V-MODA. In return for this, we were asked to participate in a private sub-forum, discussing our impressions, giving feedback, and ultimately posting our reviews for the rest of the community to see. We were assigned an...
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V-Moda M80: A new contender


Pros: Many: Clear, articulated and fun sound, does not require amplification, superb build quality, great accessories, good looking.

Cons: Isolation could be better.

<Disclaimer> This review is part of the V-moda M80 voyage program, started in the thread: 'V-moda crossfade m80 audio-voyage reviewers wanted' and I was lucky enough to be selected to receive one M80 and be part of a group of discussion, and finally post my review here. We were asked to make an honest and free of prejudice review (as expected) so here is mine. Consequently this is my opinion but hopefully I managed to be objectively enough.   V-Moda M80 on ear portable headphone       First things first: If you just want the straight-to-the-point review and no blabbering, read only the blue bits. Build quality: Two things come to my...
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Great Portable Headphone!


Pros: Balanced frequency response. Deep bass, airy soundstage, easy to drive, high quality materials, built like a tank.

Cons: Headband needs adjusting for optimum comfort.

 consider these headphones in the same class and price range as the HD 25 ii. The packaging, hard case, high quality 1/4" adaptor, 2x Kevlar covered Cables, and headphones are all top-notch and appear very durable befitting their mil-spec rating. I have ~50 hours on them and they are still sounding better with use. I'm guessing that they will pretty much peak within the next 25-50 hours. I'm really liking these so far as an office/portable set to have in my work backpack.  Not unexpectedly they have a forward sound signature that is smooth, lush, and full bodied while still maintaining its composure across increasing volume settings. They are very balanced across the...
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