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V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Reviews


VModa M-80 - My Favourite Work Headphone


Pros: Good Bass, Sound Stage, Isolation, Stunning Build & Design, Price

Cons: Uncomfortable, Cables Cause Bad Distortion

I have just started writing reviews for headphones, this is my third. Originally posted on my blog: http://noblehifi.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/vmoda-m-80-review.html        INTRODUCTION VModa started making headphones a couple of years ago and their M-80 model was launched in August 2011. The company strategy has been to fuse fashionable design with high quality audio. There certainly are other companies out there pushing the fashion angle, it's just that none of them sound any good so I forgive your initial scepticism. VModa's aim is to raise the bar for design sure but unlike other companies their primary goal and passion remains with...
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What a Great Heaphone


Pros: Cheap Price, Good SQ

Cons: NONE

Considering that I am a 14 year old with a taste for quality sound and music, I was overjoyed to see the V-MODA M-80 on eBay for $96 AUD... There was one person bidding and I won the last bid so adding to my collection, yet another headphone (I also have the Sennheiser IE8, Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro, ATH-M50, Grado RS1i).   Loving the design, I also love the look and feel (Light yet Solid) The sound signature to my untrained ears is beautiful  Highs are somewhat recessed for me (Now, you look at the RS1i and compare it to THAT)   But great headphones overall... Can't wait to walk around in these as soon as the new term starts      

Overall, an excellent headphone


Pros: Sweet mid, strong bass, sort of good image, extremely durable

Cons: Lack High, can not feel the sparkle. The clamping force is a little strong

Overall, an excellent headphone

Very good portable headphone


Pros: portability (great case), sound quality, detail level, natural sounding

Cons: uncomfortable cables

These headphones are good! They are exactly what I was searching for. Only one thing: the cables are a bit stiff and uncomfortable. I'd pay for sennheiser IE8 like cables!

Great for the price


Pros: sound quality, build quality, balanced, deep controlled bass

Cons: stiff cables (microphonics), on ear burnin required (for foam pads to adapt to the ears)

These sound really great for the price. What I liked most is the bass: deep and controlled, not bloated. Mids are fantastic, Highs are ok, not sibilant at all.

Excellent portable cans, Very good with most genres


Pros: Looks great, Portable, Excellent build quality, Very good SQ, Decent noise isolation, Easy to drive, EQ's easily

Cons: Microphonics at low volume, (Applies to bassheads): Not enough bass, Can get warm fast (for people with bigger ears)

Hey guys, here's my review of the m-80 from a consumer standpoint. I'm not an expert on sound description but hopefully this review could be helpful for someone like me (not an audiophile, but enjoys good sound quality). I don't consider myself an audiophile by any means as I don't really do any critical listening. I usually listen to my music on the go (train, bus, walking), at work, at the gym and at home while doing other stuff. My sources are my 2nd gen iPod Touch (out of a fiio e6, as the audio jack doesn't work anymore), Sansa clip+ (mostly for the gym and running), Sony Ericsson Xperia arc and out of my Dell laptop. Almost all of my files are 320kbps. I value looks, sound and...
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Great headphones for the price


Pros: Build quality, great balanced sound quality, beautiful carrying case

Cons: cable could be more flexible

When I received my M-80, the first thing I noticed was the premium packaging. Build quality is really great, these headphones have really a premium feel. Also the case is unique. 2 cables are included, one with only mic (compatible with most phones and players) and one for apple products. The cables are a bit stiff, I don't know if they will become more flexible with usage. After 24 hours of burnin, here are my considerations about sound. Currently I own also sennheiser IE8 so I will do a little comparison. Differences between IE8 and M-80 sound signature are not too big. Both have a warm sound signature. M-80 has deeper, more controlled and more detailed bass. M-80 bass...
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Quaint Newbie Review


Pros: Looks, Value, Sound Quality

Cons: Iphone Cable is a bit stiff, can be a little uncomfortable after extended periods but that can be fixed with some adjustment

I wrote this review in a forum post but I will copy paste it for you guys.   I'm still a pretty new "audiophile" but I've been a musician for all my life so I will try and do an "ok" review. I'm actually studying electrical engineering and economics in college to hopefully go into the musician/audiophile gear business for myself. Anyways here is some newbie reviewage for you guys ;) I've had my M-80's for about 3 weeks now, they're so amazing. They still get a little uncomfortable after a few hours but Im tweaking the headband to become more and more comfortable. I am really sensitive to this though because I have migraine issues that stem from muscles in my...
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I made this review a long time ago, before I knew a lot about audio. I have removed the bulk of the text to avoid misleading anyone. In short summary, these are good. Decently well balanced, boosted bass, polite treble. A good all-rounder and very durable. Everything I could say has been said.
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