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V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Reviews


V-80 upgrade with Oyaide cable and Acoustic Revive QR-8


Pros: Almost all

Cons: Factory cables

Great headphones! Of course everybody can have own comfort/audio/sound preferences (and expectations) - but with its quality, sound, design and included hard case - one of the best deals on market. But the most important thing: can be "upgradable". Maybe factory cable is "military" but it sounds like (old military) telephone. I'm using Oyaide HPC headphones cable and Acoustic Revive QR-8 Quartz Resonators inside. Effect? Deep and fast bass but with much better control, more "air", sweeter treble, more realistic mid-range.  Sound kicked on the another level - still with almost perfectly build headphones.

Not very impressed


Pros: Built like tanks, nice design, very comfortable (especially for on-ears)

Cons: See below-

I got these headphones about 5 months ago now, and they've had at least 40 hours of use, probably more, so they're certainly burned in. They cost 160$ new at the time of purchase, so nothing too bad, but I didn't get them on a good sale, that was for sure.     Build Quality- I was just amazed with these when I opened the box. All of the hype about how well made they are? It's certainly true. I feel as if I could throw these off a building and they'd be fine. So far I've dropped them onto concrete countless times, and off tables. They have but 2 scratches on them from all that.   Accessories- Ample, the 2 different cables is a nice touch, as is the carrying...
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Mixed feelings: Better then I expect, worse then I hoped.


Pros: Surprising SQ for a on-ear, customizable shield design, fantastic build quality, competitively priced, nice carrying case with extra wires

Cons: Poor isolation, uncomfortable to wear, treble extension not spectacular.

Introduction/Disclaimer In addition to being a newbie audiophile, I don't really have much experience with listening to supra-aural or on ear headphones, therefore you should take my review with a fistful of salt. My purpose for buying the M-80 was to replace my TF10s as my part of my portable setup for use during traveling to and fro from work, via bus and train, which is what I have based my opinion of the M-80 on, as a portable/travel headphone. I have had the M-80s for about a 4 months now, and have been using it almost everyday while commuting, without an amp straight out of my Cowon J3.   What I like...   Design and Build: The biggest draw for me to these...
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Better than I thought


Pros: Lightweight, Round sound, Nice Case

Cons: Ears hurt after long sessions

After much research, I decided to purchase new headphones. I had been looking for good headphones for about 6 months, until I finally decided to purchase the V-Moda Crossfade M-80s. At first I was more inclined to in-ear headphones, particularly Klipsch S4s or Bose IE2. Then, I started law school and saw several classmates wearing Beats Solo and Beats Studios, apart from all the kids on the street. I started researching on which headphones I should get since I mostly listen to Rock and Jazz music. I was amazed about all the info I found. I started freaking out when I saw headphones on the 500$ area and I started to determine a budget. On or around $150.00 was the sweet spot. I was going...
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Pros: Almost Everything

Cons: Comfort

V-MODA has never disappointed me now that I finally had the chance to try these.   Value: You can't go wrong with them being $156 on amazon I'd be willing to pay more for these.   Audio Quality: Very detailed sound. Clear mids along with a deep bass is what got my attention, these headphones are everything V-Moda described them to be they also offer a fun sound signature.   Design: Great looking.   Comfort: Kind of uncomfortable for me it might just be because I have a big head.   Noise Isolation: Block out a good amount of noise with passive isolation.   Durability: Built like a tank.

Almost perfect


Pros: superb build quality, very portable, well balanced sound

Cons: not very comfortable for people with big heads, style could be less tacky-flashy, wind noise!

Got these babies as a present for my birthday half a year ago. I was looking to get audiophile-quality closed-back versatile headphones for everyday use. Please note: I tend to desribe deficiencies to further extent than the pros. Factor this in when reading the review below.   My use cases:   Listening to wide variety of music - mostly FLAC and 256-320kbps MP3. Sources: Laptop Realtek HD soundcard, workstation Asus Essence STI soundcard, Nokia n900 mobile, Samsung S3 mobile.   Amateur film production - on-set use for recording, mixing and monitoring. Use as reference editing monitors for final-cut sound mixing and editing. My other "studio" speakers are...
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Amazing looks plus the sound


Pros: Strong bass, Decent Mids and highs, Stunning Look

Cons: Cups seem a bit small, Possibly over did it on the cable

Hey head fi, I am very happy about these headphones just like said in the pros and cons, the only problem I have with the headphones is that I think they over did it on the cable. For example the plastic ruby on the end of the jack (This is really just personal preference). Other than that, these are perfect cans for the price.

V-Moda Crossfade M-80


Pros: Deep Bass, Clear Sound, Case

Cons: Case a little bulky

I'm not an audiophile at all, but I've poked around here some for purchasing decisions. I upgraded to these from a pair of SOL-Republics, that I thought were awesome. But comparing the two I found the M-80 to be "Brighter"? if that means anything. The SOL Republics sounded a little weak in the mid-range, to me.   It took me awhile to appreciate the sound of the M-80's. After comparing these to my SOLS listening primarily to old school R&B, (Bobby Womack, Al Green, etc) I came to favor the M-80's over my SOL's and put them on eBay. They are more comfortable, and I like the single cord. It's a wash on compact storage. I would love if they swiveled for storage like the B&W...
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I've been searching for years and I'm so happy now!


Pros: everything!

Cons: still breaking in, a touch of a rattle with jazz horns at high volume

I love the sound. I love the sound. I love the sound. I can listen to anything on these headphones and they sound clear, never fatiguing, and never anoying. The bass is there and it is just enough. I'm very happy when I hook it up to spotify with high quality. I'm waiting on the E17 to see how I can adjust the make the bass a little heavier and the treble a touch more extended. I'm very happy though-and I still have to burn them in. Can't wait for the E17 to come in the mail.       



Pros: Great mids

Cons: No highs

I like these headphones, I really do! Good mids, I hear things I have never heard before (Brand new - Gasoline) but I don't hear highs like my klipsch speakers. I know that isn't fair to headphones but I heard it it with Bose Airport and those are sopposedly a scam.I paid much lower then any Grado set, so I like 'em. They are portable and I feel like laughing at people who bought anything beats... But...these are not as high fidelety as I'd like. I may not have burn them in enough... but the highs are just not there. If you're considering beats ... don't, these are better at cheaper price. If you are looking for a replacement to a king headphone setup, the m-80 will let you down......
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