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V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Reviews

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Bang for your buck? Yes SIR!!!


Pros: Substantial feel, sturdy and tough. Wonderful sound through lows and mids, enjoyable highs. Great look!

Cons: Slightly uncomfortable over crown of head after long sessions, timid highs.

Let me start off by saying these are the first "audiophile" cans I've ever purchased. Before then, it's always been Philips or Sony store bought for under $100. I did my research and decided on the M-80s. I listen to electronic music such as Ephixa, classic rock from Ozzy to ELO, metal such as Slipknot/Volbeat/SOAD, and progressive rock like Karnivool/Tool/Dropshard/APC. I've owned this pair for about 4 years now, and have been impressed since day one. The sound quality was great out of the box, but after leaving them on overnight...they just sounded amazing. The bass is tight. Not overpowering, but definitely there. Mids are an absolute enjoyment, especially with some "expert" EQ tuning...
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Pros: EVERYTHING...from looks, to sound quality, to build quality, and comfort.

Cons: None so far

Nothing more to say. I am not an audiophile, but I wanted to be a part of the community. So, I started with getting the M-80, and boy am I happy I did. It looks extremely good, the packaging was perfect, the sound is outstanding, the build quality is fantastic, and it is comfortable at the same time. I was surprised at how compact it is due to it's excellent case design. The #1 reason I got these is because of it being the first in on-ear headphones on head-fi. I found this website almost 3-4 weeks ago, and I am happy that there is such a community. Anyways back to the headphones, these are exactly what you would expect to get from paying $160. All in all, if you have the money go...
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M-80 with custom OFC cable


Pros: sweet vocal, detail highs, just enough bass to rock

Cons: not yet found

Got M-80 and becomes my every day headphone since early this year.   I don't like the stock cable with phone control buttons so I make a custom OFC cable, sound is a little bit improved and become smooth.   Most of the time I am playing 40% pop, 30% jazz and 30% classical, not so many dance music.   Today I brought an album "Random Access Memories" by Daft Punk, this is the number one album recently on many charts.  I know why, the sound is so rich and dynamics with M-80 , make me rock with music, and I never think M-80 can deliver this level of sound at its compact size.   Highly recommend M-80, it is all rounder everyone...
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V-80 upgrade with Oyaide cable and Acoustic Revive QR-8


Pros: Almost all

Cons: Factory cables

Great headphones! Of course everybody can have own comfort/audio/sound preferences (and expectations) - but with its quality, sound, design and included hard case - one of the best deals on market. But the most important thing: can be "upgradable". Maybe factory cable is "military" but it sounds like (old military) telephone. I'm using Oyaide HPC headphones cable and Acoustic Revive QR-8 Quartz Resonators inside. Effect? Deep and fast bass but with much better control, more "air", sweeter treble, more realistic mid-range.  Sound kicked on the another level - still with almost perfectly build headphones.

Better than I thought


Pros: Lightweight, Round sound, Nice Case

Cons: Ears hurt after long sessions

After much research, I decided to purchase new headphones. I had been looking for good headphones for about 6 months, until I finally decided to purchase the V-Moda Crossfade M-80s. At first I was more inclined to in-ear headphones, particularly Klipsch S4s or Bose IE2. Then, I started law school and saw several classmates wearing Beats Solo and Beats Studios, apart from all the kids on the street. I started researching on which headphones I should get since I mostly listen to Rock and Jazz music. I was amazed about all the info I found. I started freaking out when I saw headphones on the 500$ area and I started to determine a budget. On or around $150.00 was the sweet spot. I was going...
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Pros: Almost Everything

Cons: Comfort

V-MODA has never disappointed me now that I finally had the chance to try these.   Value: You can't go wrong with them being $156 on amazon I'd be willing to pay more for these.   Audio Quality: Very detailed sound. Clear mids along with a deep bass is what got my attention, these headphones are everything V-Moda described them to be they also offer a fun sound signature.   Design: Great looking.   Comfort: Kind of uncomfortable for me it might just be because I have a big head.   Noise Isolation: Block out a good amount of noise with passive isolation.   Durability: Built like a tank.

I've been searching for years and I'm so happy now!


Pros: everything!

Cons: still breaking in, a touch of a rattle with jazz horns at high volume

I love the sound. I love the sound. I love the sound. I can listen to anything on these headphones and they sound clear, never fatiguing, and never anoying. The bass is there and it is just enough. I'm very happy when I hook it up to spotify with high quality. I'm waiting on the E17 to see how I can adjust the make the bass a little heavier and the treble a touch more extended. I'm very happy though-and I still have to burn them in. Can't wait for the E17 to come in the mail.       

What a Great Heaphone


Pros: Cheap Price, Good SQ

Cons: NONE

Considering that I am a 14 year old with a taste for quality sound and music, I was overjoyed to see the V-MODA M-80 on eBay for $96 AUD... There was one person bidding and I won the last bid so adding to my collection, yet another headphone (I also have the Sennheiser IE8, Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro, ATH-M50, Grado RS1i).   Loving the design, I also love the look and feel (Light yet Solid) The sound signature to my untrained ears is beautiful  Highs are somewhat recessed for me (Now, you look at the RS1i and compare it to THAT)   But great headphones overall... Can't wait to walk around in these as soon as the new term starts      
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