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V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Reviews

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Durable but not enough bass


Pros: Looks, durability, customibility, even eq

Cons: Not nearly enough bass for edm which is my favorite genre

Very nice looking small, durable, very detailed I listened them for hours the first day I had them so they're fairly comfortable as well. But I listened to my noontecs and they had deeper base, they just sounded better all around they were more comfortable. I would get noontec zoros for half to a quarter the price. Only problem is they wont be nearly as durable as the m80s.

Sound great, well presented. But have returned them as look stupid whIlst wearing.....


Pros: Sound brilliant, look great in hand.

Cons: The fit, Antenna effect

Great headphones, however going back as look too stupid on me to wear in public. The headphones have an angular side band which leaves a huge gap on each side my medium-narrow face (with short-medium hair). Tried on my wifes face and look fantastic on her as sit into her hair, look sexy which is not fair At home sound comes first and would not care what they looked like, but these are for public and so a fail for me. Their is some clamping which you remain aware of, but can live with and would expect to weaken over time. Sound fun, lively and engaging from an ipod, even more so with my Amp. For the size have a good soundtage too. Good punchy bass, not deep subbass but for a portable...
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A godly headphone with so much going for it, and mostly deserved hype... But unfortunately...


Pros: Sound quality, build quality,aesthetics, service / warranty, packaging, accessories, features, value, it's actually portable!

Cons: Deal-breakingly bad comfort, incompatible cables, wind & cable noise

After become reacquainted with portable audio with the PX100, I decided that I wanted to invest more in my portable headphones in order to bridge the gap between my pleasurable, but humble, portable rig and my much more capable full sized desktop rig. The V-moda M80 looked like a pretty prime candidate, generating quite a bit of hype on Head-fi, and having a glowing recommendation from the well respected Tyl Hertsens of Innerfidelity. I happened to be browsing on Amazon, and they were priced down to $148, so I decided to pounce. 2 weeks later, my headphones arrived and here is what I found; Normally, I wouldn't mention or even think about the packaging of a headphone. Packaging really...
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Not very impressed


Pros: Built like tanks, nice design, very comfortable (especially for on-ears)

Cons: See below-

I got these headphones about 5 months ago now, and they've had at least 40 hours of use, probably more, so they're certainly burned in. They cost 160$ new at the time of purchase, so nothing too bad, but I didn't get them on a good sale, that was for sure.     Build Quality- I was just amazed with these when I opened the box. All of the hype about how well made they are? It's certainly true. I feel as if I could throw these off a building and they'd be fine. So far I've dropped them onto concrete countless times, and off tables. They have but 2 scratches on them from all that.   Accessories- Ample, the 2 different cables is a nice touch, as is the carrying...
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Mixed feelings: Better then I expect, worse then I hoped.


Pros: Surprising SQ for a on-ear, customizable shield design, fantastic build quality, competitively priced, nice carrying case with extra wires

Cons: Poor isolation, uncomfortable to wear, treble extension not spectacular.

Introduction/Disclaimer In addition to being a newbie audiophile, I don't really have much experience with listening to supra-aural or on ear headphones, therefore you should take my review with a fistful of salt. My purpose for buying the M-80 was to replace my TF10s as my part of my portable setup for use during traveling to and fro from work, via bus and train, which is what I have based my opinion of the M-80 on, as a portable/travel headphone. I have had the M-80s for about a 4 months now, and have been using it almost everyday while commuting, without an amp straight out of my Cowon J3.   What I like...   Design and Build: The biggest draw for me to these...
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