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Sound great, well presented. But have returned them as look stupid whIlst wearing.....

A Review On: V-MODA Crossfade M-80

V-MODA Crossfade M-80

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Pros: Sound brilliant, look great in hand.

Cons: The fit, Antenna effect

Great headphones, however going back as look too stupid on me to wear in public.

The headphones have an angular side band which leaves a huge gap on each side my medium-narrow face (with short-medium hair). Tried on my wifes face and look fantastic on her as sit into her hair, look sexy which is not fair mad.gif At home sound comes first and would not care what they looked like, but these are for public and so a fail for me.

Their is some clamping which you remain aware of, but can live with and would expect to weaken over time.

Sound fun, lively and engaging from an ipod, even more so with my Amp. For the size have a good soundtage too. Good punchy bass, not deep subbass but for a portable is lovely. Will get your foot tapping and face nodding.

When running off ipod at 80% volume In a quiet living room, wife has advised that can hear a bit of leakage but not an issue- so would be fine to use at work etcwhere a bit of ambient noise would mean not heard at all.

But gone back as would not get used, I have a closed headphone for home (dt770) which would always be prefered as more isolation, naturally wider soundstage and longer cable.

If v-moda come up with a different design then would buy as like the sound signature, Will probably try out the m-100 at some point.


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