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Not very impressed

A Review On: V-MODA Crossfade M-80

V-MODA Crossfade M-80

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Pros: Built like tanks, nice design, very comfortable (especially for on-ears)

Cons: See below-

I got these headphones about 5 months ago now, and they've had at least 40 hours of use, probably more, so they're certainly burned in.

They cost 160$ new at the time of purchase, so nothing too bad, but I didn't get them on a good sale, that was for sure.



Build Quality-

I was just amazed with these when I opened the box. All of the hype about how well made they are? It's certainly true. I feel as if I could throw these off a building and they'd be fine. So far I've dropped them onto concrete countless times, and off tables. They have but 2 scratches on them from all that.



Ample, the 2 different cables is a nice touch, as is the carrying case. Now I can't imagine anyone wearing the case on a belt loop like they say you can, that's a bit silly, but it works just fine on a backpack or bag of some sort. The cables are rather microphonic, but not too much of a problem if you're just walking or sitting.



Very unimpressed here. It hardly blocks any outside noise, and using these on a bus or in a noisy place just isn't that enjoyable. You have to turn the volume up way too much to block out any outside noise.



Honestly, I don't understand all the hype about how these cans sound. Maybe it's just because it's not the sound I'm used to, coming from AKGs, but they do not sound all that great to me.

There's a large mid-bass hump that bleeds a bit into the lower mids and muddies things up, the bass doesn't extend very low, and the treble is very rolled off. To the point of being just downright dull on some songs to me. 

I'd describe these as dark and muddy. The soundstage is average, nothing to write home about, but it's not terrible at least.




I'm not impressed. I've tried them straight off an iPod, Galaxy Player, amped with a Fiio E6 and with a Fiio E10 off my computer, and they really don't improve that much. Sound-wise, these do not sound like 160$ cans to me. Build quality wise though, these are excellent, come with some decent accessories, and are comfortable to wear. 






1 Comment:

Your rating caught my eye but when I read you come from AKG it made sense. AKG have a good rep for being sharp detail and analytic orientated HP. The M80 is about as far from that sound as possible. The AKGs generally have very bright treble that many find harsh and tend to have detailed but recessed bass, these M80s are bassier, smooth and musical as opposed to being analytical. Unfortunately for you this is the more popular trend headphones have been going. Likely due to the younger folks most are being marketed to.
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