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My personal review of the V-Moda M-80 headphones

A Review On: V-MODA Crossfade M-80

V-MODA Crossfade M-80

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Pros: Great sound, build quality perfection, superb packaging and accessories, customisable, iphone compatable

Cons: not enough bass in my opinion, start to hurt my ears after about 30 mins of use,

I am not really an audio expert so I'm not going to try and go into details of which I don't fully understand also these are my opinions I may like my music to sound different to how you like it, so let's crack on :-)


  First impressions with this product are very impressive, the box is beautifully styled with great visuals, snake skin handle and a ribbon you have to cut to open it. This definitely a box I want to keep lying around. Once you get inside you are greeted by a very complete package; along with the headphones (obviously) you get a hard shell carrying case, 3 cables (Apple, Android & regular), a 3.5mm to 1/4 inch adapter, stickers and leaflets. V-Moda also threw in a pair of their Faders which are earplugs used to block out sound at a concerts/ crowds/planes. So I am already impressed at the quality of this without even trying the headphones yet, and all this comes with a 2 year warranty plus V-Moda's Immortal Life Program. V-moda are certainly a very generous company.


On to the actual headphones now. V-Moda advertise these as nearly indestructible, and they certainly are. You can feel how solid they are and you can literally bend them in any direction without strain. You could throw these headphones around and they'll be perfectly fine, so they're good for rough users. Kevlar lined cables are also a pretty nice feature, even though they include 3 of them I can never see myself using them.

The headphone fit on my head nicely the side adjust with a satisfying click and the cushions rest on my ears comfortably with their memory foam padding. The only problem here is when I wear them for periods of 30 mins+. The pads really start to hurt my ears so I do have to take them off for a while before going back to wearing them, this might just be me though as I have heard other reports that they are very comfortable headphones that you can wear for hours.


   Right, the sound. Firstly I am admittedly quite the bass head, the music I listen to mostly consists of Hip-hop, Dance, Dubstep, R&B... Now this doesn't mean I don't know quality, this is just my preference of music I do listen to other genre's too and I have quite a wide library. Now having said that when I chose these headphones I was expecting them to deliver quite a punch judging by reviews of V-moda's other headphones and the DJ styling of these. However the M-80's just don't sliver the bass I'm looking for. You might like to  say they are just too perfect haha. I think V-moda has marketed these to the wrong audience really, they have too much of an audiophile signature for a headphone of this look. Ignoring my fondness for bass, this is a perfect headphone, the sound is just amazing so don't be put off by me if you like other genre's of music. There is some good bass, i just like a bit more of a kick like I was expecting there to be. I just find myself having to turn the bass boost up on everything.


 So to finish up. Great pair of headphones for someone looking for style and quality. Not really recommended for bass heads, but if you're like for a pair of audiophile quality headphones that you can wear on the streets without looking like a bit of a weirdo these are the perfect choice for you.


Thank you for reading

- George

1 Comment:

hey dude. If you want more bass from your M80's , do what I did, and get the Digizoid Zo2. Its a compact headphone amp with a special bass amp circuit that adjusts bass much more than an EQ or bass boost. I'm listening to some Excision dub and the bass makes the headphones literally vibrate on your ears! I'm not a huge bass head as I listen to metal mostly but I still like to feel the double bass drum kicks and when I rarely listen to electronic stuff I simply crank the Zo up and BOOM.
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