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V-Moda M80: A new contender

A Review On: V-MODA Crossfade M-80

V-MODA Crossfade M-80

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Pros: Many: Clear, articulated and fun sound, does not require amplification, superb build quality, great accessories, good looking.

Cons: Isolation could be better.


This review is part of the V-moda M80 voyage program, started in the thread: 'V-moda crossfade m80 audio-voyage reviewers wanted' and I was lucky enough to be selected to receive one M80 and be part of a group of discussion, and finally post my review here. We were asked to make an honest and free of prejudice review (as expected) so here is mine. Consequently this is my opinion but hopefully I managed to be objectively enough.


V-Moda M80 on ear portable headphone


4352da6a_01case.jpeg b208ef22_m80itself.jpeg



First things first: If you just want the straight-to-the-point review and no blabbering, read only the blue bits.

Build quality:

Two things come to my mind, tough and flexible. Headband flexes like few, I’ve manage to set it flat or twist it to the other side and cross the cups far from what seems normal.






The hinges that holds the cup is metal. And its hold with four screws per cup, the cup shell is plastic with a metal back plate.

The headband is some sort of fiber with a soft felt in the part where it touches the head. It looks very durable, but only time will tell.

The cables look well built, I have 3 cables in my package, one audio only (grey, 2 meters) , one with volume +/- and play/pause keys (black, 1.5 meters), and the other with mic (red, 1.5 meters), the audio only one soft and docile, the others two tend to become stiffy specially when twisted. The plig housing in all cables are minimalist, stylish, rubbery and flexible.


Physically, the attention to details by V-moda is remarkable. and I can throw this around with confidence, it can take the abuse, even more if you store it in the case, but I've been just trowing it inside my backpack, no case, no cover.


The good: flexibility in the headband, solid build, replaceable back plates. Detachable cord and you can use almost any cable extension (slightly jack only the massive plugs wont fit). It can take a lot of abuse.

The nitpicks:  the cable from the cups to the headband could be held to the hinge to avoid it to pop up (the sony V6 prevent this with a clamp in the hinge holding the cable). 2 of the 3 the cables gets stiff and even more when twisted.

The bad: none.


Definitely stylish, not your standard rugged plain black headphone, but it doesn’t go as far as being pretentious either.

Body is mainly black (glossy or matte) with red bits here and there.






3 cables, an excellent hard carrying case known as exoskeleton, a clip to hel carry the bag, 3 cables and ¼ to 1/8 inches adapter. All this in a fancy hard cardboard box.


The good: exoskeleton case is awesome. More cables than you’d need.

The nitpicks:  none.

The bad: none. V-moda does not fool around in accessories.


65e68e09_cable.jpeg 7bdaea8b_plugs.jpeg

Cables and plugs.


The headband is well padded and the clamping force is low, additionally the earpads are soft. All this sums up to have a very comfortable headphone. I can wear this for long listening sessions without a single problem.

After a while I forget the headphones are on, which is hard to achieve with an on ear headphone.


The good: top notch comfort.

The nitpicks: none.

The bad: none.


Not the best, fair less than the Sennheiser HD25. I believe it might be due to the shape of the cups, oval shaped (hexagon) and the fact that they have vents in the back. It manage to block the high frequencies but creates some sort of tunnel like sound with the lower frequencies. I wouldn’t use it in a noisy environment, tried it at a football stadium and got distracted by the exterior’s noise every now and then.


It confuses me how V-moda advertises this in their website as “Noise isolating” and at the same time advertize the V-port technology. 


Where sound/air goes out, sound/air comes in.


Edit: From V-Moda we got the fact that this are semi-closed headphones, and it was made to gain some soundstage and bass, and it really works in that matter, covering the vents will end up in a different sound. at the end it was a good choice, at expenses of some isolation, you lose some you win some, right?


The good: block some noise.

The bad: Isolation could be better, not on par with HD25 and DT1350.




Is you are expecting the M80 to sound the typical bass heavy fashion headphone, you’re in for a surprise, the midrange was the first thing that caught my attention.

I used this headphone right out of my Zune120, ipod classic and clip+, also used iBasso D3  ¿and Mini3 as amps but felt that the M80s doesn need the amplifier, it does well from the headphone out alone.



Not prominent, not loose and neither boomy, it isn’t as tight and detailed as other headphones like the DT1350 either, but enough as to know that the M80’s does not lack bass.

Extension is good enough as to perceive subbass when the track demands it.

They have punch, don’t hit as hard as the HD25, but definitely more punch and kick then the DT1350.



This is my favorite of the three. Very articulated, clear, fairly detailed and liquid. They make the HD25 mids sound recessed.

I’ve also being using the M80s to watch movies and listening poscasts, something I wouldn’t do with a headphone without articulated mids. These are responsible to make the M80 sound slightly bright, even at the lack of sparkling highs, maybe because the bump in the mid-high section of the FR graph.



From the three ranges this is the one in the third place. See it this way, if you were to categorize the clearness, detail and how loud each range is, the highs would be in the background. I can safely say the highs feels tamed and lacks sparkle, without sounding dark.

This could be seen as an advantage considering that piercing and sibilance are out of the equation.


Sound signature:

I’d say it’s a fun signature but not V shaped (oddly enough since V-moda seems to like to put a V in everything they made wink.gif ) bass is not the priority, but you certain have decent amount of bass. Bassheads, you’ve been warned. The liquid, open and clear mids makes this headphone what it is, a pleasant non fatiguing portable headphone.




The M80 offer more soundstage than one would expect from an ‘on ear portable’ as a Grado fanboy I have very little acknowledge about soundstage ha!. I often gets amazed at soundstage and how my beloved Grados lacks it. The M80 space doesn’t feel so cramped as the Sennheiser HD25, for my listening sessions, I’d compare the soundstage with the Beyerdynamic DT1350, at least.


Separation and Details:

I find it to be very good, channel separation is very noticeable, which gives out a larger soundstage feeling, instrumental separation with heavy, faster and technical music (progressive metal) was good enough as not to feel cramped and neither lacking details.


Sound summary:

With the mids in the front row, the bass in the second and the highs behind them, the M80 offers a very different option from the two better known competitors, Sennheiser HD25 and Beyerdynamic DT1350.

I really enjoy the M80s, I like the fun yet different sound it makes, most fun headphones tend to be bassy and sparkly or recessed mids, the M80 defies that and the results are quite exciting. It was a pleasant surprise and I plan to use them a lot from now on, at expenses of the beyer DT1350, which was already getting little use next to the senn HD25.

A very welcome new option for those of us who believes that portable-fi should be about fun and comfort, after all I don’t want a clinical signature to analyze the music in a 30 minute trip or a 15 minute relax in between classes, I want to have fun and enjoy the music. The M80 does that for me, and plenty more, I’ve used this at the office for 2.5 hours straight without feeling tired at the sound or my ears hurt.


The good: Clear, liquid and articulated mids. Over average level of details, good soundstage, not overpowering bass. does not require amplification.

The nitpicks: None.

The bad: lack of sparkle, lack of extension in the upper levels.


I got this for free and perhaps that and the fact that I like it makes me put a higher value rate.

But thinking as a potential customer, the actual MSPR from V-moda is $230, do I think its worth it?  no, but rarely a headphone worth its list price, none that I remember, and that is why street prices exist. I believe I could handle $180 for the M80 and be happy, but what do I know about prices, I am only a customer. cool.gif

Here’s the thing, it is a whole package, clas A buld quality, very good sound, and the accessories, including the excellent exoskeleton case, it all sums up for a great portable.  


Technical specs:

  • Type: Supraaural (on-ear)
  • Speaker Drivers:  40mm.
  • Impedance: 28.5 Ohms
  • Frequency Response: 5 - 30,000 Hz
  • Sound Pressure Level: 105 dB
  • Weight: 180g (headphone only)



Size comparison:


e7b7bac0_m80dt1350cups.jpeg 22ed574e_M80Dt1350.jpeg

Cup size comparison with the beyerdynamic DT1350


More and larger photos in this album

Hope this was useful to someone.


Interesting to read. Thanks for the review and the great photos (nice Evangelion figurine). I would like to hear these in-person some day.
That case is butt • ass • ugly. But with compression molding, an array of elastic cargo straps, and a custom fit, I would not be surprised if it was the best case in the business.
I really don't like looking at it though. Not even a little.
thanks guys.
you dont like the case? I think is nice looking, and def. it can protect the headphone from a major beat up. those sets of elastic straps can be removed and left a soft red interior, is like velcro, with those removed I can put my ipod there, fits OK.
It unquestionably looks like a very capable case for the reasons you (and I) have stated. It also looks like Cobra-La* technology. Simulated reptile texture? Ribs? Completely frivolous and off-putting design cue if you ask me.
* Yeah, I'm in my 30s.
Maybe they were trying so simulate the design of the EVA units.
I watched GI Joe after school all the time.
Nice review James. Looks like we're both mostly on the same page concerning the M-80
Awesome review!
I am so tempted...
^ wait for the other guys to post them and lets see if we all agree. then get one lol.
Thanks for the great review. I really enjoy myM-80's and find your review quite accurate and similar to my observations. The great thing about them is the SQ right out of a player.. no amp required. I appreciate your comparisons to the HD25.. my preference is the HD25 but I have modded mine with a silver cable plus the HD25 do sound better with an amp. Overall love the M-80's.. they're keepers.
Definitely agree that these could be the ultimate portable when it comes to be entire package. Great accessories (absolutely love the case and cables) and a great sound signature that reminds me a lot of my gr07 in ears. Perfect compliment to each other as far as I'm concerned. I'm a big fan of the m80s no doubt.
no one tried the over ear lp2?i`ll buy the lp2 version,but seems i`ll be the only one to buy this version.
i`d like to know if there are similar as Jude sad.more opinions are better than one even it came from the founder of this legendary site.
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