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V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Reviews


Sounds great, extremely portable, and turns heads~


Pros: balanced sound, very portable (small+light), comfortable even with glasses, looks great

Cons: wind noise is noticeable, somewhat weak highs

So here's my first mini-review. Kinda late, but I like these so much that I had to write a review for them xD   Intro One of the reasons I bought the V-MODA M80 is because I wanted a portable headphone that has good SQ and yet has the ability to turn heads. I also wanted my portables to have very good build quality and decent isolation because I will be using them during travel. Another factor for my ideal portable cans was…well, portability!  I wouldn’t want a huge heavy set of headphones on my head during travel, especially during the summer. Now, I have been trying to stay away from on-ears because the last one I tried (TMA-1) hurt my ears. After reading other reviews...
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Beautiful heaphone that bridges the GAP between audiophilia and mainstream audio with mixed results


Pros: full sound with plenty of bass, clear forward midrange, large sound stage.

Cons: treble can be to polite and lacks detail, midrange can be harsh on some tracks

I would like to thank VModa for including me in their VModa Crossfade M80 voyage.   OK when I opened my package from Vmoda I was surprised at how small the retail packaging was. Then as I opened it up I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality custom moulded case inside. It was solid and very posh. When I opened up the case my breath was actually taken away for a second or to by how beautiful the headphones were. I had decided to go with red custom shield and man do they ever look good. I unfortunately gave to complex a picture to VModa when sending in everything and consequently only have my initials on the headphone but they still look soooooo nice.  ...
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V-Moda M-80 Crossfade Voyage Review


Pros: smooth sound,good all arounder, comfortable, gorgeous customized headphone shields

Cons: some of the cords are stiff and tangle prone, poor isolation, needs a touch of sparkle in the treble region

                                                                     Disclaimer Those of us sitting at the back of the bus who love our music reserve the right to practice a healthy dose of skepticism involving audio gear as we ride along the long winding road that is life.  Until said gear has passed our personal expectations thus meriting the...
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A Smooth Ride


Pros: Large Soundstage, Build Quality, Very Well Rounded, Plenty of Bass, Great Mids, Smooth Highs

Cons: While the Highs are very smooth, they lack detail, sparkle and any engaging qualities

I was lucky enough to be a part of the V-Moda M80 discussion group, I would like to thank V-Moda for allowing me to review this set of magnificent headphones and wish them great success in the future...     So nice to see an American brand produce a portable Titan worthy of going toe to toe with all of the best on ear portables out there.  The M80 is truly worth every penny you'll end up paying for it.  I don't think anyone will feel disappointed after listening to this set.     Build Quality and Accessories    The M80 comes packed with some really nice goodies that only sweeten the deal beyond its excellent sonic qualities. ...
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V-Moda Crossfade M-80: A great phone for many different genres


Pros: For the most part, a very well-rounded, full-bodied, smooth sound signature, very durable build quality, and extremely comfortable

Cons: Poor Isolation

        When it comes to describing the sound of the V-Moda Crossfade M-80 on-ear headphones, two words come to mind:   Smooth and Full-Bodied   I think that it also bears mentioning that this review is coming from someone who does not have much prior experience with OE headphones. Most of my most recent experience has been more involved with IEs of differing brands and sorts, and styles. But I am one of the ten contestants who was fortunate enough to have been selected for the this Voyager group. And so, having spent a few weeks now with this set, I have formulated a few impressions I would like to share here with others of you who might...
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A great sounding portable


Pros: Looks Fantasic, Awesome build quality, Sounds great, Packaging and accessories

Cons: Slightly recessed mid range

V-moda Crossfade M-80 review.     Note: I really am not much of an audiophile. My headphones before this were MDR XB500’s and the only reasons I chose these over the Senn HD-25-1-ii was the looks, and that I liked the M-80’s sound a bit better. I also have about 50 hours on this, and I think they have reached their expected performance. If anything changes, I’ll post it here.   Also, really sorry for the lack of pictures. I'm having an upload problem, and my webcam is bad, too.   Packaging:   This is the first part that really pulls you in. These are packaged very nicely. There are plenty of pictures on this, though, so...
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Bang for your buck? Yes SIR!!!


Pros: Substantial feel, sturdy and tough. Wonderful sound through lows and mids, enjoyable highs. Great look!

Cons: Slightly uncomfortable over crown of head after long sessions, timid highs.

Let me start off by saying these are the first "audiophile" cans I've ever purchased. Before then, it's always been Philips or Sony store bought for under $100. I did my research and decided on the M-80s. I listen to electronic music such as Ephixa, classic rock from Ozzy to ELO, metal such as Slipknot/Volbeat/SOAD, and progressive rock like Karnivool/Tool/Dropshard/APC. I've owned this pair for about 4 years now, and have been impressed since day one. The sound quality was great out of the box, but after leaving them on overnight...they just sounded amazing. The bass is tight. Not overpowering, but definitely there. Mids are an absolute enjoyment, especially with some "expert" EQ tuning...
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Portable, Stylish, Durable.


Pros: It is really good sounding in terms of Bass. It is Portable, Stylish and made in military standards. Mids are good.

Cons: Highs should be more engaging. Not Comfortable for me.

It has a solid build that if you want to break them, you should do something extreme to them. Still it comes with 2 years of warranty and if you do break these, you can get a new one at %50 discount. In terms of desing i really like the look of this headphone. There isnt much headphones that sounds good and look well at the same time so it is a good choice if you care about design but still use it for listening music. In terms of comfort, i am bad with all kinds of supra-aural headphones so, after 1 hour usage it gives me ear pain. As terms of sound quality, Bass that this headphones has is amazing. It still can be better but it really gives very qualitied Bass for me. As for the mids...
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I enjoy these, but with reservations


Pros: Great for bassheads for the price and type, unbelievable tank-like build quality, and incredibly stylish design

Cons: A few comfort/fit issues at first, poor isolation (on-ear, so of course), somewhat boomy bass, congestion

Note:  The entire original review has been mostly deleted and overhauled.  These were the first at-least-somewhat-good headphones I ever purchased, and I was way too hyped and knew way too little when I wrote this review.   I bought a pair of these used for $70 (months later, I sold them for my roommate for $50), and for that price and being on-ear they are good headphones.  Here's a breakdown of their different aspects:   Build:  These are ridiculously well-built.  Pretty much all metal construction, and tested under ridiculous conditions.  They can apparently even be stepped on, repeatedly, and often still be okay (not that I ever tried that)....
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Durable but not enough bass


Pros: Looks, durability, customibility, even eq

Cons: Not nearly enough bass for edm which is my favorite genre

Very nice looking small, durable, very detailed I listened them for hours the first day I had them so they're fairly comfortable as well. But I listened to my noontecs and they had deeper base, they just sounded better all around they were more comfortable. I would get noontec zoros for half to a quarter the price. Only problem is they wont be nearly as durable as the m80s.
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