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Stylish, sleak and comfortable headphones with very WARM sound and bass.

A Review On: V-MODA Crossfade M-100

V-MODA Crossfade M-100

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Pros: The sound quality and bass is very nice, they are comfortable to wear over long periods of time, the build quality is superb.

Cons: Sometimes vocals get washed out a bit.

I got these headphones off of V-moda's site and i have to say from the second i opened the box to this very moment (i am listening to them as i write this review) i have been very impressed by their over all design and sound quality. I have tested these headphones with all sorts of music and they do perform well across the music spectrum. The bass is very "club-like" so to speak and provides a nice warm feel to most music. The mids are good and the highs flow well with a comfortable and pleasant bass background. I have experienced no distortion at high volumes. In fact, i compared these m100's with my friend's ath-m50's and both sounded very similar with the bass being the major difference (the V-moda's are a little more loose while the audio technicas are more tight). The ear pads are soft and fit well around my ears while doing a spectacular job at isolating outside noise. The accessories the headphones came with include a convenient and cool looking carrying case, extra shields, a mic/button cable and an extra share cable all of which very well made. I am very happy with this product and i highly recommend these headphones to anyone looking for a great looking, great sounding, well built solid headphones with a few extra convenient accessories.

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Have you ever owned the crossfade lp?
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