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A Review On: V-MODA Crossfade M-100

V-MODA Crossfade M-100

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MOX News
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Pros: Crisp and clear highs, punchy bass.

Cons: Hot, low mids, uncomfortable.

After picking up these headphones, I soon returned them. This is why.

1. They get HOT. Due to the memory foam, my ears were sweating under these.

2. They leak more sound out than in.

3. The reduced treble left some parts of songs lacking - cutting out vocals almost entirely at some points.

4. V-Moda's apparent refusal to accept returns of their headphones from sellers aside from themselves - even when they advertise the return policy on the seller's website. (Buy through Amazon instead)

5. DAMN UNCOMFORTABLE, DOWNRIGHT PAINFUL. I stuck paper towels between the pads and the drivers to get some relief from the pain of the metal cage pressing against my ear. I guess that is the price of slim headphones.

6. I had difficulty getting them to sit symmetrically on my head - either a product of the pads and their slight inconsistency in accomidating my ears under them, or a factor of my own ears.


But here I am - a month later and I miss them. I'm a novice to high end audio, but I did like some areas of these. They fit well with most electronic music.

1. The crisp, clean, sparkly highs were beautiful, and feeling the cans vibrate with the lowest bass was incredible.

2. Sturdy headphones - I was not worried at all about damaging them.

3. They're just purty.

4. The pain part of them was more or less fixable. If bigger pads come out, I would pick those up without a second throught.



I'll probably pick these up again when the price goes down, I think 250 is about right for these. It will be interesting to see how future production runs compare in audio quality, as the whole time I had them I hunted through songs for tiny pops of static and little imperfections in the headphones. I found very few.


To reiterate- if you have tiny ears and like listening to nothing but electronica and dubstep these are for you. They're nice by all means, but they didn't fit me.


How long did you have them before you returned them? When I first got them they were terribly uncomfortable to wear. Same problem you had. I couldn't wear them for more than 30 minutes without them killing ears. However, after about five days they started to lossen up and I started to get used to wearing them and now I can wear them for hours without the slightest pain.
Only a week or so, if I recall. Paper towels helped me, but they never fit perfectly symetrical on my head and I never liked the idea of stuffing wads of paper into expensive headphones just so I could get relief from the pain of wearing them.
Despite that, I was willing to keep them untill I really figured out how V shaped the sound signature really was. That was the killer for me.
When you do get them, Get the XL pads. Replace the stock ones. Their bigger and softer. On amazon, their are pictures of some guy side by side of them on the headphones. I bet you'll feel much better! I have a bigger head and after reading all those reviews about it being too tight and head on metal, like you stated. Just decided to buy them with the headphones.
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