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So nice pair of headphones

A Review On: V-MODA Crossfade M-100

V-MODA Crossfade M-100

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Pros: Easy to drive, great sound, immersive feel

Cons: Can't find anything yet... missing the apple 3 button cable if it also counts

M-100 is a very easy to drive headphones.  Before that I am using M-80s on-ear, and really do not belive any headphones can replace it.  As the M-80 can deliver very high quality audio even with bare iPhone 4S with lossless music tracks!  With an headamp the sound is just bigger and better a little bit but it is not 'day and night'difference.


The first hour I tried M-100 I found the bass a bit too much, maybe I have used to M-80 sound.  But after a few tracks I feel that all music becoming more rich and help me to get higher involvement.  And to my surprise that almost every types of music I like including classical music can deliver same nice feeling.  I always think that classical music should be lean and I always use Senn HD800 for classical.  Now I know that it is not a correct approach, v-moda + classical = BIG SOUND.


And of course, for pop music, v-moda is a sure winner, my recent flavor is Adele's "someone like you", it is live version "live at the royal albert hall", the part that everyone is singing together with Adele, it is reallllly shocking!


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