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Not what I was expecting

A Review On: V-MODA Crossfade M-100

V-MODA Crossfade M-100

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Pros: Solid build, Matt black and orange looks cool, Amazing hinge / folding mechanism

Cons: Doesn't sound good for much music, Bass eats in the mid-range, Not like the M-80

I pre-ordered the M-100 after falling madly in love with the M-80 less than a year ago. I wanted a bigger sound and larger ear cups for an over-ear fit. Unfortunately I got bass that is crazy and kills the mid-range. I find the highs a little splashy too and I don't want to turn them up too loud as they hurt at both ends of the scale pretty quickly! The comfort is funky too, not much better than the M-80 because they don't sit away from the ears. I've had on-ears that cause less pain than these so that's another reason that they just don't improve on the M-80. Just to clarify - the sound is not as good as the M-80. Not just, not better, it's much worse generally.


If these were sold as 'DJ sound', 'Heavy V-shaped response', 'Basshead', 'Beats Like' bass. With no regard for musicality, hifi or audiophile sound then I'd have no problem with them. Unfortunately they are described and priced as something that suggests so much more and it just doesn't deliver on the sound front. Such a shame too because on the outside they are stunning. For most head-fi ppl the M-80 will now be a fluke, an amazing portable that V-Moda clearly isn't interested 


uhh how long have you used them?
Reply to rudeboybass: Probably at least a month by now since the only available M-100's are from the "VTF-100" batch.
It's reviews like this that made me go with the Momentum instead, a shame they look stunning in Matte black despite the ugly cable ports. I found the M-80 pretty uncomfortable, bulky design for a portable, with poor isolation. If only the P5 had M-80 sound.
M80s were quite uncomfortable for me too. And the highs were way too recessed. There was also something in the mid-range/lower treble that made me turn down the volume on my favorite tracks. I stayed with my tried & tested Aurvana Lives for now. It doesn't seem the M-100s are my cup of tea either. I'm pretty sure I'm giving the Momentums a shot - not least, because Sennheiser makes quality stuff for years.
Hey guys, this person who wrote the review has an excellent blog called Noblehifi where he reviews many headphones and amps at reasonable prices. In fact, his review of the lesser known Soundmagic HP100 was partly the deciding factor on the purchase as he does well written reviews that at least I find helpful. I guess what I'm saying is, if you are looking at dropping about $200 on a closed full size can check out the HP 100, its excellent and cheaper than the M100 but looks kinda funky. Sounds awesome though with nothing too exaggerated, a flat response that is also fun, if that's possible.
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