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These headphones are actually pretty good

A Review On: V-MODA Crossfade M-100

V-MODA Crossfade M-100

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Pros: Strong and detailed bass. Rock solid build quality. Comfortable (with XL Pads installed).

Cons: Stock pads are really thin

(Note - XL ear pads are installed. The sound will be judged based on that.)


These headphones are absolutely fantastic! They have a futuristic look to them that makes any person, in my opinion, look unique. The design and build of these headphones was all made possible by the by the design team of V-MODA, and the vision aspects of CEO Val Kolton. The M100s have a mostly metal construction, mainly in the headband, and the Y- shape connector that is connecting the headband to the earcups. They have plastic built into them, which i assume is to cut down on weight and cost, but it is still very high quality, and i do not see these breaking any time soon. The cables you get are extremely high quality. They are made out of kevlar, and one of them has your one button remote for apple and android devices, while the other one has a built in splitter so you and a friend can listen to the same music source at once. 


The headphones come with a very nicely molded hard shell carrying case that has two little pockets inside that you can slide your cables into.


In terms of comfort, these are absolutely fantastic when the XL pads are installed. The earcups completely go around my ears, and they kind of conform to my head shape.


For a portable around ear headphone, these are really great. The bass quality of these is absolutely fantastic. I was actually shocked when i put the XL pads on and heard the bass. I was able to hear an immediate difference between the XL and stock pads. It is like night and day, for me anyway. The headphones overall have an emphasis on the bass and treble, and the mids take a backseat to those particular frequencies, but it is not to a point where the midrange is nonexistent. They have a slight fullness to them that makes you get lost in your own little realm. Talking about the treble, it is not a bright headphone by any means. V-MODA did not want this headphone to be bright in any way, but the treble gives life to rock music and others that have treble forward sounds. It is very rich and crisp, to my ears, and the rest of the frequencies kind of make the headphone worth the $310 or $299 price tag.


Overall, if you are anywhere from, let's say 14 to 35 years old, you will love these headphones. I also highly recommend replacing the stock pads with the XL pads. Thank you for checking out this review!


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