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V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Wow, what an experience!


Pros: Excellent mobile headphone, really great chest-hitting bass, fairly detailed, non-fatiguing treble, folding mechanism is sturdy, modular design

Cons: Shallow earpads, odd presentation of instruments/soundstage, too much bass, laid-back midrange, laid-back upper-treble, fragile zipper on case

Table of Contents You can CTRL+F or Command+F the following to get to a certain point in my review, or just scroll through and look for the big, bold headings. If you want the gist of my review, sections V and VI are the most important parts.   Preamble (Introduction to the M-100) I. VTF-100 and the Package Contents II. Unboxing the M-100 III. My Initial Impressions of the M-100 Before Burn-In IV. My Impressions of the M-100 After 144+ Hours of Pink Noise Burn-In V. My Final Impressions of the M-100 (Section "V the People") VI. Conclusions and Final Thoughts VII. Customisation and Modularity VIII. Thank You's IX. Future Improvements for V-MODA   Preamble (Introduction to the M-100) The...
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Easily an EDM king contender with a pleasantly balanced sound.


Pros: Comfortable, non-fatiguing, portable w/mic and controls, very enjoyable sonic presentation (musical, w/adequate detail)

Cons: Slightly recessed lower mids.

These are not flat or analytical sounding cans, but they are a pretty good slice of the sonic cake for portables. I'm crowning these cans as Electronic Dance Music (EDM) king contenders for sure. First off, let me say that I love Head-Fi, and I enjoy reading so many impressions of so many pieces of gear. I've learned so much about portable sound over the years thanks to this place and Head-fi has cost me a lot of money (in a good way) too! Thanks to Head-Fi again, I discovered 2 more treasures to add to my growing collection (V-Moda V80 and M100). I typically read way more than I post, but I felt like giving back a bit and offering my impression of the M100 cans I recently bought. I...
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Negative Reviews


Stylish headphones with subpar sound quality and extremely overpriced.


Pros: Stylish,

Cons: Bass is a bit bloated, Really recessed mids, Lacks detail, No soundstage to speak of, Overpriced

I tried the v-moda m100 a few months ago when I purchased it and deciding between them and the hd 650. In the end I kept the 650, these headphones are without a doubt pretty overpriced for the sound quality.   Pros: The m100 is pretty stylish is it one of the most stylish heaphones out there, build quality seems somewhat solid though I am not a big fan of those metal hinges it just seems a bit delicate for my tastes. These headphones are without a doubt for bass heads they are pretty v-shaped but it also seems like it is lacking or a bit rolled off on the treble. Bass extension is great but just a tad bit farty and uncontrolled (stock pads).   Cons: The m100 is pretty...
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The BassHead's Best Friend


Pros: Durability is grand, Bass is present, Looks stunning and mean, Highs are pronounced

Cons: You have two options with these: Sound Quality of Comfort. Pick which one is more important

I really wanted to love these headphones, and boy did they not deliver for me.   When I first got these, they sounded pretty good, not great though due to the extremely genre-specific nature. I returned them partly due to this nature they had (leaning towards Hard Rock/Metal, Rap, R&B, Electronic, all the bass-heavy stuff), That's the short review, now onto the long one:   I had two different types of earpads for these, the factory and the XL. The reason I feel the need to do this is because the quality is so different between the two that it would be misleading not to compare. So here we go:         Factory Earcups:     Pros -Highs...
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More Reviews


V-Moda M-100 Review


Pros: Superb build quality, excellently rendered bass, really fun sonically

Cons: Genre specific

    V-Moda M-100 Unboxing Picture Post   Warning: Picture Heavy   Today I received a production version of the V-Moda M-100. As I was not a part of the pre-release run these aren't the VTF-100s with additional accessories, etc. As such there are no pictures of the additional accessories. This is the retail on-the-shelf stock package.   I also have to thank you very much to the V-Moda team (Val, Gavin, Bill), and to VentureCraft (Hamada-san) for making this happen for me. I feel very privileged to be able to get these in my hands so early post production. I deeply and truly appreciate this gesture by them.   As mentioned in other posts in...
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A unique unboxing experience, tasteful industrial look, and unique sound with high quality bass is guaranteed!


Pros: High quality bass, U/V-Shaped sound signature, Industrial looks, and a bang for your buck!

Cons: Uncomfortable for long listening sessions w/ Regular Pads or XL-Pads.

Will be doing a re-review soon, I've had so much time with these cans, and I've learned a lot in the time since I had these. Many parts of this review will be slimmed and observations will be changed. Stay tuned for the time being. -Programmar       I. Introduction - Plenty Of Pictures   Hello, this will be my first review on the Head-Fi website, I will try to go in depth on these headphones and I hope I could provide some insight on these sweet cans. -Programmer   Please provide feedback on terminologies or spelling/grammar mistakes I have made, this will make future reviews much better and still retain the same amount of details in this...
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Good bassy headphones for the money


Pros: Thumping and kicking bass without destroying the mids and highs too much. Fun sound, made for contemporary electronic music.

Cons: Stock pads are uncomfortable. Buying XL pads is essential if your listening time exceeds 30 minutes.

This is a quite controversial pair of headphones. You hate it or you love it.   People who love it usually come from the crowd with Beats and Apple earphones. These people are very enthusiastic about the M-100s, saying they have never heard this much detail and controlled bass without overshadowing other frequencies.  "Audiophiles", who prefer high-end opened back hp-s, won't like the M100 too much.  Most of them will complain about the narrow soundstage and bass quantity. They are looking for a natural, lifelike presentation, as they usually listen to acoustic instrumental music like classical or jazz, and for those genres M-100 is not a good choice. Buy a good pair...
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MOX News

V-Moda review


Pros: Crisp and clear highs, punchy bass.

Cons: Hot, low mids, uncomfortable.

After picking up these headphones, I soon returned them. This is why. 1. They get HOT. Due to the memory foam, my ears were sweating under these. 2. They leak more sound out than in. 3. The reduced treble left some parts of songs lacking - cutting out vocals almost entirely at some points. 4. V-Moda's apparent refusal to accept returns of their headphones from sellers aside from themselves - even when they advertise the return policy on the seller's website. (Buy through Amazon instead) 5. DAMN UNCOMFORTABLE, DOWNRIGHT PAINFUL. I stuck paper towels between the pads and the drivers to get some relief from the pain of the metal cage pressing against my ear. I guess that is the...
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These headphones are actually pretty good


Pros: Strong and detailed bass. Rock solid build quality. Comfortable (with XL Pads installed).

Cons: Stock pads are really thin

(Note - XL ear pads are installed. The sound will be judged based on that.)   These headphones are absolutely fantastic! They have a futuristic look to them that makes any person, in my opinion, look unique. The design and build of these headphones was all made possible by the by the design team of V-MODA, and the vision aspects of CEO Val Kolton. The M100s have a mostly metal construction, mainly in the headband, and the Y- shape connector that is connecting the headband to the earcups. They have plastic built into them, which i assume is to cut down on weight and cost, but it is still very high quality, and i do not see these breaking any time soon. The cables you get are...
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Bassy, but versatile


Pros: Design, build, isolation, accessories, portability, versitility

Cons: Thin pads

The M100 is V-Moda's top of the line over ear headphone for just about everyone, from DJs, to audiophiles, to casual listeners. Accessories - Clamshell case, 6.3mm adapter, V-Moda Crossfade advertisement, owner's manual, extra headphone jack cover, and 2 cables- one orange with mic and single-button, one black with a headphone splitter for shared music listening. Both sleeved in Kevlar.  One thing I must say, though. V-Moda has made the best cases that I've seen so far that come with a headphone. Not only do they look absolutely fantastic in style, but they're extremely rugged. This is no different here. While it is shaped differently than V-Moda's other cases, like the one for the...
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Really quite good.


Pros: Clear sound, strong but not-bleeding bass, distinct highs, sturdy and good looking design

Cons: bass vents leak sound easily, pads warm up your ears a lot,

My first ever 'good' headphones which I bought off ebay for £170. Or in other words, better-than-apple-earbuds-and-better-than-skullcandy's, so I can't write much of a review. Really fantastic. I'm not a basshead but these are pretty damn good for bass but I use these to listen to all sorts of pop, alternative and classical. If you're in a quiet space then the sound really is very sharp and the audio-imaging (closest i can describe it) is so huge, it genuinely blew me away; played my music in a completely different light. Not so great for anything active, like walking for more than 30 mins straight or sports etc (duh, they're not sports headphones ;D) but really, the pads do warm up...
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Not what I was expecting


Pros: Solid build, Matt black and orange looks cool, Amazing hinge / folding mechanism

Cons: Doesn't sound good for much music, Bass eats in the mid-range, Not like the M-80

I pre-ordered the M-100 after falling madly in love with the M-80 less than a year ago. I wanted a bigger sound and larger ear cups for an over-ear fit. Unfortunately I got bass that is crazy and kills the mid-range. I find the highs a little splashy too and I don't want to turn them up too loud as they hurt at both ends of the scale pretty quickly! The comfort is funky too, not much better than the M-80 because they don't sit away from the ears. I've had on-ears that cause less pain than these so that's another reason that they just don't improve on the M-80. Just to clarify - the sound is not as good as the M-80. Not just, not better, it's much worse generally.   If these...
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Greatest sound for the greatest number of people


Pros: Finely tuned bass emphasis, excellent treble extension (near sibilant but not!), just damn fun

Cons: Colored, slightly recessed midrange

  Wow. It’s been awhile, a long time of wait, development, etc. Quite the journey, but three weeks back, I finally got my hands on these. V-Moda’s latest entry to their Crossfade series, the Crossfade M-100. As anyone here can attest, Val Kolton’s latest piece de resistance has been nurtured for quite some time under his perfectionist eye, and man, these cans are simply delectable. Shall we continue?   Design   V-Moda is one of the pioneers of the fashionable headphone, and these have the design of stealthy, sleek elegance. For those of you feeling that your headphone collection is feeling a bit too black, you also have the option of selecting the fabulous...
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V-MODA CROSSFADE M-100 - a fun and dynamic sounding closed headphone


Pros: Efficient, good isolation, punchy and fun sounding, relaxed treble without fatigue

Cons: Sensitive enough to reveal amplifier hiss, could use a little more treble presence, bass tended to bump up with higher output impedance

V-MODA CROSSFADE M-100 REVIEW.   Associated Gear:  Macbook Retina Pro, iTunes 10.7 with Amarra Music Player, CEntrance DACmini and DACport, Nuforce DAC-100, Woo WA6, Eddie Current ZDT, HiFIMan EF5, HM-801, iPhone 5, iPod Nano (5th and 6th Gen), CablePro Reverie LOD, Whiplash Audio TWag V2 LOD, Headamp Pico Slim, and RSA SR-71b.   MUSIC USED:  See review.   M-100 FEATURES (from website):   - Modern Audiophile Sound 50mm Dual-Diaphragm drivers (patent pending) Analog Noise Isolation No Batteries or Artificial Processing 3+ Years of Ergonomic R&D Balanced, layered, clean yet Deep Bass, Vivid Mids and Ultra-Extended Highs Maximal...
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