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A Review On: V-MODA Bass Freq Metal In-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphone (Gunmetal Black)

V-MODA Bass Freq Metal In-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphone (Gunmetal Black)

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Pros: Sound good, keep going with abuse

Cons: microphone broke, fit isn't great for me

After my purchase of these on sale at Radio Shack, I couldn't get them to stay in my ears for anything. I changed all sizes of rubber insert pieces and nothing seemed to be just right. Then after finally getting them to fit alright, somehow the microphone came apart. But they still work, and after taping it back together with electrical tape I can still use the mic. Let's just say that when using them to talk on the phone, nobody ever complains that they can't hear me, even while I'm riding my bike at 20 plus mph down the windy ocean-side highways near my house. I use them for biking and working around the yard, etc and they are very tough. I hate buying new stuff and unless I don't have to then I'll wear these until they break. I like them way better than SkullCandy or some of the other cheapies, and with the mic option they are very good the Iphone. Sound is above average and noise isolation is good. They're not just another throw away set, which is why I keep them around. Worth what I paid.


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