They're not bass bloated as the name would suggest, but a very good pair of IEMs

A Review On: V-MODA Bass Freq Metal In-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphone (Gunmetal Black)

V-MODA Bass Freq Metal In-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphone (Gunmetal Black)

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Pros: Sound, looks, metal build, value

Cons: A bit chunky in the ear

At $30 that I paid for them, these IEMs are unbeatable. You would have to spend much more to get better sound. I prefer these than the Klipsch S4 it replaced, which had harsh high's and muddy low's in comparison and they broke without being abused. So what's so go good about the V-Moda Bass Freq Metal earphones? A lot!


Sound quality is superb, with good overall frequency response and clarity; they're fine to me without any EQ. Good and detailed mid's to high's, and the bass is fairly accurate. Furthermore, the sound is not fatiguing at all.


The build quality seems good with metal casings. I also like the design aesthetics of the earphones although they can feel chunky at times. That said, I find them comfortable enough with good fit (medium silicones are perfect for my ears) and can use them all day at work. 


I have the single-button Android version and works well with my phone. They also make a 3-button iPhone/Pod version too. When making calls, I haven't heard any complaints from the people I talk to, so the mic must be ok.


Anyway, they're good earphones, so buy them. I bought 2 pairs.


===== Update 2014/01/02 =====


Unfortunately, I can't seem to comment below. Anyway, I can assure you, 'Aero Dynamik', that I'm a real person who bought these phones and yes, that is my face. Just never had the reason to register before. I didn't talk about myself but I did compare it to the Klipsch S4 that I own and is now broken, which I find not as good as these pair. I suppose I should also mention my other gear that are relevant, which may describe the type of user I am: 

MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 that are very fiddly with placement

Logitech F540 that I use for gaming

Panasonic RP-HC500 that I used to use when I go on business trips

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B that replaced the Panasonic

and a pair of Sennheiser RS160 that I barely use but I find very comfy.


Anyway, I'll eventually review some of the above as well at some point. FYI, I bought 2 of the V-Moda's because I lost the first one.


I always wonder how much we can trust a review written by someone who joined the community the same day the review was written, and who doesn't say a single word about himself. Wouldn't be surprised if we never hear from "ronnbot" again, although I hope I'm wrong! This is not the first and probably not last time this happens.
Don't know if Ronnbot will hang around...hope he does and continues to offer his input.
Welcome Ronnbot! a pair of these for $10 at Radioshack when they were clearing out their V-Moda inventory a few months ago.  After owning them, I'd pay $30 for these with no hesitation.  Good inexpensive, basshead IEM with decent detail throughout the rest of the spectrum. I use them for working out and they stay put...working well out of a Clip Zip.
Hi ronnbot! I'm glad I was wrong about you, welcome to Head-Fi, and thank you for your review! There are - unfortunately - examples of reviewers who join the same day they write their reviews, never to appear again. It makes me suspect that those people are nothing but the manufacturer's dummies. There are definitely people here with ties to sponsors who pretend they are normal Head-Fi:ers. So, my advice is to be very wary.