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Absolutely spectacular (with the right source)

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Unique Melody Miracle

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Pros: Incredible sound at every frequency, comfort, isolation, presentation of sound

Cons: Customer service, fit issues at first (due to impressions, not the product itself)

I bought these back in October and have only been able to enjoy them in the last couple of weeks (i.e. from late April 2013 after ordering in October 2012). I can't stress enough how important it is to get the impressions done perfectly the first time around.


My experience was unfortunately tainted by extremely variable customer service, but the product speaks for itself and is worth the wait. The sound is just magic - beautifully balanced across the whole frequency range, plenty of impact in the bass without any negative impact into other frequencies, and a brilliant soundstage that extends high, low and wide.


The Miracles are definitely susceptible to influence from the source's output impedance so be sure to pair them with a <1 ohm output before judging. Higher output impedances result in less bass and more treble, resulting in an OK sound, but a slightly imbalanced and possibly fatiguing sound which is not as overall enjoyable.


Also, I have paired my Miracles with the DHC Symbiote SE Litz cable and cannnot recommend this pairing enough - magical!


I've written a full, in-depth review including some information about the process of ordering CIEMs and having impressions done. You can read it here: http://passionforsound.wordpress.com/2013/05/18/unique-melody-miracles/

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I totally agree about the Miracle!
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