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Unique Melody Miracle

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Unique Melody Miracle

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Audio Quality
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Pros: Quite possibly the best Custom on the market

Cons: None

Just a sheer joy to Listen to, UM's Flagship will certainly provide even the fussiest ears a wonderfull experience with any genre of Music thrown at it. Even better still, step up the source & amp and Miracle will also upscale accordingly. Its a winner all the way.....


Well, for all genre, I am not sure. I do think the it lack some impact in bass for ROCK and RAP.
For me, it is perfect for high quality recording like jazz, classic and vocals. But, for normal pop and rock, there just not enough impact at the low side. There is nothing wrong with sound quality and bass control, just not punching enough to make me shake my head.
Even my TF10 does better on the rock side than Miracle. I guess, you have to drive it with a very dark amp to get the full satisfaction on bass.
Other than that, it is the best IEM I have ever owned. (Coming from SE530, IE8, UM3X, ER4P and EX700)
Alan, this is based on my returned Miracle, fit is perfect. I hear only what is in the Recording. If it has bass you will definately hear it.
Its a very versatile IEM. These things are Like a Well tuned machine If you feed it low quality recordings then you wont get its true potential. These are as you know a step above those other IEM's, I have ER4 also but it's not in the same league. You raised amping...Yes good point, I tried with ALO RX-II & III and it steps up to another level , they seem to scale up very well resulting in Thunderous bass. But again IF it is on the Recording. Thanks Alan good to hear you have one also. Might want to try a Merlin one day.
Well´╝îI am not a bass head, otherwise I wound went for JH16 or UE18. The thing is, I am using it not only for my Guitar, but also in a daily bases with portable devices. Thus, listen to some mp3 pops is unavoidable. The main reason I get this IEM is to hope they are tuned with more forgiveness to the recording( with an HD800 sitting at home, you know what I mean by harsh sibilance and unfocused vocals in mp3s.......... ), I guess I just need to find a better portable player and see if it helps.
Better source Will help, but also try and use Flac or Lossless files so as to get the best out of them. You can only get out what you put into em. I would say same would go with your HD800. You have top quality gears Alan why waste all that with Lossy MP3 files?
well, the thing about portability is that you have to live with the fact that you can not achieve the best performance. I mean I do have 192/24 flac files form HDtracks and many SACDs, but they are all for my desktop setups, you need a dedicated DAC to decode those insane files~~~ I just hope that I can find the best DAP to power this baby cause I need it to sound at least half as good as my desktop setups.
If you have a chance to try an ED8, you will know what I mean buy sounding good even on mp3 files. I am just trying to get similar level of sound out of my custom while I have the best isolation also~~~
if you are looking for a best portable DAP compact, DX100 will do the job, it can handle up to 192/24 but it's not cheap though. Otherwise, i won't see a point in getting separate portable amp and dac at the same time attaching to your phone or mp3 player, they aren't worth for portability except looking like a C4 detonator....
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