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The best custom IEM I've ever heard

A Review On: Unique Melody Miracle

Unique Melody Miracle

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Pros: Amazingly deep hard hitting bass but still well controlled, top notch sound in every area, great value compared to competition

Cons: Still have to ship your impressions overseas



That's my full review. In summary: These are simply the best customs, and possibly the best headphones of any type, that I have ever heard. I prefer it to my JH13pro due to it's better deep bass response and more natural tone.


These sound great paired with a simple portable DAP. But when driven by a high end source and amplification, they respond by becoming world class performers. They remind me more of my Sony R10 than any other headphone I've heard, but with better bass and a much smaller price. I wish more people had the pleasure of experiencing these.


Prior to today, for some reason, I never considered IEMs. I was always worried about the comfort, and lack of sound stage. A number of reviews on other sites are by non-audiophiles, so I tended to not count their review for much.
However - I am willing to keep an open mind.
Are you saying that I can comfortably listen to music (Jazz and Classical) for say 2-3 hours, have great sound, and sound stage, with great clarity, and feel some bass? This is what some audiophiles have said, and I'm intrigued.
Paired with the Tera Player these IEM produce an utterly beguiling sound that is pure bliss!
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