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Unique Melody Miracle Reviews


The best custom IEM I've ever heard


Pros: Amazingly deep hard hitting bass but still well controlled, top notch sound in every area, great value compared to competition

Cons: Still have to ship your impressions overseas

http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/524282/review-unique-melody-miracle-6-driver-custom-iem   That's my full review. In summary: These are simply the best customs, and possibly the best headphones of any type, that I have ever heard. I prefer it to my JH13pro due to it's better deep bass response and more natural tone.   These sound great paired with a simple portable DAP. But when driven by a high end source and amplification, they respond by becoming world class performers. They remind me more of my Sony R10 than any other headphone I've heard, but with better bass and a much smaller price. I wish more people had the pleasure of experiencing these.

Classic top quality CIEM, still excellent


Pros: Huge soundstage with airy sound, controlled and detailed bass, great balance overall

Cons: Mids could be more engaging, but are still very good.

Hi everybody,   As promised, this is my modest review / take on the Unique Melody Miracle. I am by no means a professional reviewer, nor do I know how to use the precise terms to qualify sound, so I will just describe what I hear. I have strictly no technical background, I just love music and iems.   First of all, a little reminder of how pretty they are :)     Equipement used for the review:   I have listened to over 30-40 albums in all genres, encoded in 16/44 and 24/44 flac over the past four month on my rig, and a few hours more to conduct this review. The rig is the following: DX100 > ALO Audio SXC22 mini to mini > Tralucent T1...
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Absolutely Spectacular


Pros: Sound Quality, Customisation, Build Quality, Isolation

Cons: **CUSTOMER SERVICE**, Quite Expensive but Priced Appropriately, Sound Signature may not be for you.

Here is my rather long review. I hope you enjoy it: Copy and pasted from here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/668455/unique-melody-miracle-6-ba-ciem-review   A while ago, when I was in a dilemma (mind you, it was a good dilemma) of choosing what CIEM to get, I read many reviews on the UM Miracle, JH13, ES5, JH16 and the Rooth LS8. Of those, I narrowed it down to the Miracles, JH13 and LS8 since I was after a more balanced sound signature. I then eliminated the Rooth since there were no local dealers in Australia and they seemed a bit too treble heavy for me. The JH13 and UM Miracle both looked like exceptional CIEMs and there were certainly very much hype surrounding those two,...
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Absolutely spectacular (with the right source)


Pros: Incredible sound at every frequency, comfort, isolation, presentation of sound

Cons: Customer service, fit issues at first (due to impressions, not the product itself)

I bought these back in October and have only been able to enjoy them in the last couple of weeks (i.e. from late April 2013 after ordering in October 2012). I can't stress enough how important it is to get the impressions done perfectly the first time around.   My experience was unfortunately tainted by extremely variable customer service, but the product speaks for itself and is worth the wait. The sound is just magic - beautifully balanced across the whole frequency range, plenty of impact in the bass without any negative impact into other frequencies, and a brilliant soundstage that extends high, low and wide.   The Miracles are definitely susceptible to influence...
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Unique Melody Miracle


Pros: Clear sound, great extension, lots of separation, well made, good looking.

Cons: Customs are not for everyone.

Fantastic IEM and without a doubt one of the best available on the market today.

CIEM at it's cleanest


Pros: Very balanced sound

Cons: Lousy cable build

The CIEM itself projects a near perfect sound, with all treble mid bass equally distributed, soundstage not very appealing, suits studio musics. Cable needs to be changed, as it tends to tangle so much, and the twist loosens up after some time

Unique Melody Miracle


Pros: Quite possibly the best Custom on the market

Cons: None

Just a sheer joy to Listen to, UM's Flagship will certainly provide even the fussiest ears a wonderfull experience with any genre of Music thrown at it. Even better still, step up the source & amp and Miracle will also upscale accordingly. Its a winner all the way.....

A Poised Little Gem


Pros: Admirably poised sound signature

Cons: Price?!

  If I could use one word to describe the sound of UM Miracle it would be Poised. Feed any genre of music to it, and the Miracle will present it with an admirably poised manners. The balance of the frequency from top to bottom, the natural tone and clarity presented in an immersive soundstage really gives me the cloud nine listening experience, and the fact that this is an IEM means I can have this listening experience with me everywhere I go. Overall this is one of the best sounding audio gear that I’ve experienced to date and will definitely remain so for years to come.   Full detailed...
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