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Unique Melody Merlin

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Unique Melody Merlin

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Pros: Fantastic bass that has serious presence but Not overwhelming

Cons: Customer service

I really enjoyed these headphones.  They had everything I wanted in the low's miss and highs.  For me, the bass was just right, others say too much.  The fit was superb  and the workmanship as expected.  The bass port hole on the backside didn't bleed in outside sound as I listened.  This was one of my concerns.


The company was responsive to all my emails, until they got my payment.  After that it was 1 to 2 weeks for a response.  Their responses to emails were always vague and never directly answered my questions.  


Would highly recommend for those seeking good sound and a good fit.


Is this UM you are referring to or one of its resellers?

I've heard a lot of issues with Ampcity, but I do not quite believe that UM would put you on hold for so long.

By the way, Chinese New Years just finished a week ago. If you didn't get responses from UM, that could be why.
Yes, please clarify - did you order with UM Global or with Stephen Guo at Custom-IEM.com? It would be good for other potential customers to know. I'd be surprised if it was Stephen though...
UM Global. Matt Wong. This all happened well before chinese new year rolled around.
I'd like to put in a good word for Stephen Guo. I ordered through him and he always responded to my emails within hours, and many times within minutes. It really was a pleasure to deal with Stephen.
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