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Unique Melody Merlin Reviews

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The PERFECT headphones - for me


Pros: Sound and comfort, easily driven. VERY musical, yet very detailed

Cons: The wait is unbearable and UM UK are pretty bad at replying to emails

  I've taken down my review of the Merlins and will repost it once I get them back. By now it's been 4 months and I've had them in my posession for no more than two weeks out of those 4 months.   Two weeks into the 3-5 week estimated turnaround time for my remolds/fixing and UM have gone back to maintaining radio silence. Not a word, not a single peep, no replies to emails.    I love my Merlins but I'm starting to *really* dislike the customer service (or lack thereof) from UM UK. Just keep me informed, that's all I ask for. 

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Plenty of bass, but far from a one trick pony!


Pros: Excellent craftsmanship and fit. Very detailed and smooth expansive sound.

Cons: Pricey, long wait time, resale value, and the inability to share the experience with others.

I can safely say that the Merlin sound signature is nothing like any other headphone I have heard before.    First of all, the fit of CIEMs is such a luxury. You pop them in once, and never have to touch them again until you want to remove them. I always fiddle around with other headphones/iems because sometimes seals break or it gets uncomfortable. In addition, you know that the CIEM sits in your ear with the sound bores in the same exact position every time, relieving me of any concerns about positioning for optimum sound quality.   Many people consider this a basshead CIEM, but for me it isn't. By my definition, basshead headphones are always very in your face and...
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I can't say enough about these things. They're spectacular


Pros: Great customer service (in US from Stephen), great sound, BASS, but the mids and highs still come through, and they arrived a month early

Cons: They're pricey, but not out of line with other customs. So that's like half a con.

Alright, I told the good folks at Unique Melody that I would provide my impressions. I think that I've had them long enough now, and used them from enough sources, to give some feedback.    Thus far I've used them straight out of a Nexus 10, a Galaxy S4, the S4 > E18, my computer > E18, a Clip+ (Rockboxed), a Fuze+ (Rockboxed), and a Sony ZX1. I've flown with them, I've ridden public transportation with them. And I use them at work just about every day. And I absolutely love them. The bass is definitely forward, which they make very clear. You don't buy the Merlin if you want a neutral sound signature, Unique Melody offers other choices for that. This was my first...
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Could this be magic?


Pros: Perfect build quality; fun sound

Cons: Overseas shipping; long waits

Unique Melody Merlin     Foreword:   At the time I ordered the UM Merlin, I had been a registered Head-Fier for right at a year, and like many members who have been around any length of time, had run the gamut of mid and top tier universals.  I have had a great time buying, selling, trading and borrowing all kinds of universals with different sound signatures, ergonomics, materials and drivers, and still to this day continue to enjoy doing so.  I’ve also come to enjoy putting my experiences into reviews, impressions and random posts as the mood, excitement or disappointment strikes.   I’ve come to know many of you quite well, or at least as well as you can know strangers and...
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Unique Melody Merlin


Pros: Bass Low & Boneshattering deep desnt bleed into other Frequencies

Cons: None

My Goto Live Album Warrior, this thing is amazing at the venue feel with bone shaking bass that does not bleed into any other frequencies. Is no Slouch infact he is Very fast...a perfect compliment to the Miracle, UM have got themselves one hell of an IEM..

Unique Melody Merlin


Pros: Fantastic bass that has serious presence but Not overwhelming

Cons: Customer service

I really enjoyed these headphones.  They had everything I wanted in the low's miss and highs.  For me, the bass was just right, others say too much.  The fit was superb  and the workmanship as expected.  The bass port hole on the backside didn't bleed in outside sound as I listened.  This was one of my concerns.   The company was responsive to all my emails, until they got my payment.  After that it was 1 to 2 weeks for a response.  Their responses to emails were always vague and never directly answered my questions.     Would highly recommend for those seeking good sound and a good fit.

Top level custom IEM for bassheads


Pros: Spectacular bass that hits hard but is very well controlled, great mids and highs as well, huge soundstage, build quality is top notch

Cons: Bass might be too much for some people, isolation not the greatest due to vent

This high end hybrid custom delivers on its promise of outstanding bass performance with very natural and well balanced mids and highs. Soundstage is phenominal and the entire presentation is somewhat unique. They could have gotten away with charging $1k or so like many other flagship customs - so although $779 is certainly not cheap, it is a relative bargain.     Link to my full review:   http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/566965/review-unique-melody-merlin-hybrid-dynamic-balanced-armature-custom-iem
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