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A Review On: Ultrasone Signature Pro

Ultrasone Signature Pro

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Pros: low-fatigue, Great Soundstage, Very Fast, Excellent Build Quality

Cons: Slightly recessed vocal range - may improve after break-in.

Running gear:

* JDSLabs built Objective2.
* HRT Music Streamer II.
* Lots of lossless audio and MP3-320.
* Also tested with Fiio E17

Other cans I own(ed) that I may be compairing these to:

* Grado GS-1000 (non-i)
* AKG K701
* Sennheiser HD 25-1 II
* Grado SR225i (Modified)
* Grado SR80i w/ L-Cush Pads

I'm loving having closed headphones at home, and the SigPros are very nice indeed.
At first I found them a bit bass heavy however, today is a new day and I'm not noticing it as much as yesterday,
This could be me getting used to them (Highly probable) but it could be them breaking in and allowing the mids to sound more freely.

As far as closed headphones go I think they are as fast as the HD 25-1 II's, with a much larger sound stage and less fatiguing.

Do I like them more than the GS-1000's?
I think so... mainly because I find them a bit 'faster' and they have a larger sound stage.

What did the GS-1000's do better?
Vocals, for example, listening to 'Cat Power - The Greatest' would really shine on the GS-1000's but Chans voice feels a little recessed on the SigPros.
Maybe this will improve over the break-in process.

So far, 5 hours in I would sum them up as follows:

  • No fatigue at all.
  • Excellent soundstage.
  • Very 'fast'.
  • The build quality cannot be faulted, they would probably last a lifetime.
  • They sound much better on my Objective2 than on my Fiio E17.
  • Slightly recessed vocals with Folk recordings, this may improve after break-in.
  • I would not say that they are NZ$1200 better than Sennheiser's HD 25-1 II's, however they are a good step up and I don't know what else you would go with for the money (As far as closed cans go).


The only other options I can think of would be the Ed8 (though many say the Sig Pro sound better) and the Beyer T5p which has a different sound signature.
And I think you overpaid by a bit which may account to the lower value ;P
Oh did I? Where would you buy them not for less than $1200 USD?
Mini-update: I've never heard Lateralus sound so good...
Where do you purchase them for 1200NZD?
1200USD, They were that price on Amazon / Ebay, but they're now back up to $1299
I've been quoted a new pair at under $950 =S
The sig pro's soundstage is bigger than the GS1000i's soundstage? That's really impressive for a closed can.
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