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Ultrasone PRO 900

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Pros: Capable to deliver awesome bass / Comfortable / Detachable cable / Straigt and coiled cable / Two pairs of velour pads / Slick look

Cons: Way too strong on the lows out of the box / Perhaps not so good for music with vocals


This cans are able to deliver outstanding lows, but to sound good they need some EQ tweaking imo... I ended up lowering the region between 50 and 150 Hz and slightly raising the region around 2 and 10 kHz. I mainly use em for electronic music, that's where they shine and probably beat most other headphones out there. For other stuff like Rock, Metal or Classic I didn't enjoyed em that much, the mid/low region feels "anomalous" here, hard to describe.



I find em very comfy, just like my Beyers, velour pads FTW!



If they were 100 bucks cheaper I'd give em 4 1/2 stars and recommend em to anyone who likes Electro/Dubstep/Drum&Base etc. But for what they cost I only recommend to get em if other "basshead" cans (like the HFi580 or DT770Pro80) are not enough for you ;)


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