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Ultrasone PRO 900 Reviews

Positive Reviews


One of my favorite headphones


Pros: Great bass and treble

Cons: Slightly recessed midrange, sounds can "bleed" a little, especially at high volumes

I've had these for a couple of years now (although they don't get as much playing time anymore) so I figured I'd write a review.  Of all of the headphones I have owned these are the ones that wowed me the most upon my first listen.  The bass on these is just ridiculous.  They are easily driven by an iPod/Phone but do sound a good bit better when paired with a nice amp.  Like many others have said these do best with electronic music, or anything aggressive, however I have found that they perform more than adequately with all genres of music.  They are a very clean and sharp sounding headphone.  My main complaint about these would be comfort, they clamp very...
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Negative Reviews


4 months back, I bought these headphones thinking they were just what the doctor ordered. Sure, back then, they were exactly what I crawled for.


Pros: - great build quality - good accessories - good comfort [for some] - easy amping - rap/hip-hop/electronica master - great bass - awesome for gaming

Cons: - overly expensive - inconsistent - harsh treble - shrill highs - recessed midrange - discomfort [for some] - unforgiving - instrument separation

NOTE: This review no longer represents my view of this headphone. If you wanna read the updated review, visit my ultimate write-up page [in the sig]   ULTRASONE PRO 900 REVIEW     Hi guys, to celebrate my 100 posts, I have decided to write my very first review.   The Ultrasone Pro 900 are my very first "audiophile" headphones and as such taught me many things about headphones.   They also helped me understand my music preferences, even changed them slightly.   I now know what I want from my next set of cans (the HE-500 or HE-5LE) and even after my currently mixed impressions, I would probably buy them again, probably...   More on that...
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Pros: Capable to deliver awesome bass / Comfortable / Detachable cable / Straigt and coiled cable / Two pairs of velour pads / Slick look

Cons: Way too strong on the lows out of the box / Perhaps not so good for music with vocals

Sound: This cans are able to deliver outstanding lows, but to sound good they need some EQ tweaking imo... I ended up lowering the region between 50 and 150 Hz and slightly raising the region around 2 and 10 kHz. I mainly use em for electronic music, that's where they shine and probably beat most other headphones out there. For other stuff like Rock, Metal or Classic I didn't enjoyed em that much, the mid/low region feels "anomalous" here, hard to describe.   Comfort: I find em very comfy, just like my Beyers, velour pads FTW!   Recommendation: If they were 100 bucks cheaper I'd give em 4 1/2 stars and recommend em to anyone who likes Electro/Dubstep/Drum&...
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The true meaning of a love and hate relationship


Pros: incredible mid-bass, detail, build quality, isolation, soundstage, comfort, engaging

Cons: sibilance, too bright sometimes, unforgiving of low quality recordings, the holographic soundstage, comfort (a little clamping for some heads)

One of the best headphones for gaming and movies - superb for EDM and dubstep                    Source 1: Asus Xonar Essence ST (OPA2170 + JRC2114) Source 2: Audio-gd NFB-3.32 Cables: Signal Cable Analog II and stock coiled Neutrik 3,6mm Amplifier 1: Matrix M-Stage (with LM4562) Amplifier 2: Violectric V200 Music played: Skrillex, Knife Party, Netsky, Adventure Club, M83, Infected Mushroom Florence and the Machine Foster the People Depeche Mode Röyksopp (All the tracks were FLAC/ALAC 16bit 44.1kHz and 48kHz with ~1000kbps) The Design The Ultrasone PRO 900 have very robust /...
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Excellent Headphones!


Pros: Deep impactful bass, great soundstage, extremely detailed highs and mids, comfortable, look great, detachable cable, efficient

Cons: Recessed mids, not the most portable, leak quite a bit of sound, highs can get a bit extreme at times, HIGHLY recommend an amp (Fiio E11)

These are some excellent bass-head headphones. The sound is extremely clear, with an extremely tight, deep, well-textured and impactful bass, a clear midrange, and a very detailed high end. The mids are recessed, so if you don't like a V shaped frequency curve, then steer clear from the PRO 900. The highs can get a bit extreme at times, but I wouldn't call it harsh or piercing... I actually find it quite enjoyable. As well, the soundstage is excellent for a closed headphone, and the lows, mids and highs are all seperated very well. The PRO 900 are also very comfortable imo, and can wear these for hours, because of the soft velour padding. They look great, with the all black matte finish...
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Great Headphones


Pros: Great Bass, Good for Popular Genres such as Pop, Rap,RnB, sparkly highs

Cons: sibilance on some tracks, midrange is a bit recessed, leak a bit,

These are my first pairs of audiophile grade headphones. I jumped from crappy ibuds to this. This review will contain some detail but not much.   Build Quality These headphones feel solid out of the box. They are made from hard plastic not cheap plastic but proper plastic. The only compliant I have is the swivel joints can make a bit of sound and is not smooth enough for my liking but I can assure you they are solid.   Comfort I think this is where the headphone lacks a bit. The velour padding on the cup and the headband are pretty soft but I wish the padding would compress a bit more. The clapping force is pretty strong out of the box(btw i have a small head)...
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Love my pro 9's


Pros: unreal with techno

Cons: Hot treble

Love my pro 9's. Best headphone out there in its price range.

Perfect for Electronica


Pros: Excellent sound precision, deep impact-full bass, detailed mids and high, excellent build quality

Cons: Can be tricky to get situated on your ears with S-Logic

  Pre-introduction So, this is going to be a more, let's say, “specifically special” review. I'm relatively new to Hi-Fi gear, but I know a decent amount about audio engineering and production. As I was looking into what headphones I wanted to buy, I found out that was a really tough thing to do. I listen to dubstep, per se, along with the similar glitchy electronica variations. But (I'm going to try and say this as least hipster as I can), I listen to really, really underground dubstep. There's mainstream (brostep like 99% of UKF), the leading underground (like Biome, Mala, Burial, etc) which are very “down low style” dubstep, and then there's the songs that nobody knows and...
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A pair of really fun-sounding headphones that do wonders in electronic music, and progressive rock/ metal.


Pros: Fun sound, great bass, super-detailed highs. Simply awesome for EDM and rock and metal. Drums and electric guitars really come to life.

Cons: Can be expensive outside of US, need amplifier to sound great. Not really good for portable use.

Really good headphones. I have used them for about ~ 70 hours now and I love them. If you listen to electronic music, it's hard to find better headphones. Really awesome and fast bass that provides a good punch without messing up the midrange and the rest of the sound. Ultrasone has a kind of special sound, hard to describe, but for me it took a while before I became accustomed to the sound. If you are looking for a balanced and "neutral" sound, you should look elsewhere, since Pro 900 is far from neutral. I listen mostly to progressive rock / metal where a fast and punchy bass is important, (at least important to me). While they are best for EDM, they do really...
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Awesome Phones for Electronic Music


Pros: Bass. Clear, tight, deep, penetrating bass. Zero distortion. Built like a tank.

Cons: Stock pads aren't the most comfortable. Very colored sound, not a good "all-around-er".

Paired together with the iBasso D6, these sound phenomenal when playing Dubstep, Trance, House, Etc (Lossless) out of my laptop. They are relatively easy to drive, and will sound fine out of an iPod, but you don't know what they are "capable" of until you amp them from a good source. I still have wow moments when I play a new song, and I've already had them for 6 months. Got the J money Denon pads, made them a whole lot more comfortable, and increased soundstage just a tiny bit. Next on the list is the XB700 pads. These phones are a lot bigger in person than in the picture, which might make some self-concious folks weary of wearing them outside. However, with the J money pads,...
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