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A Review On: Ultrasone PRO 750

Ultrasone PRO 750

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Pros: Amazing clarity, detailed sound, awesome well defined bass/sub-bass

Cons: Ouch!!! that treble is so vicious

Ultrasone PRO 750 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional Headphones


Straight out of the box and I would say these headphones are really harsh, sound quality is not nice at all, lots of bass in there but really muddy & overall definition of sound is really poor, I think I like the sonic signature of these phones, the overall balance of sound is near what I’m seeking, just about the right quantity of Bass to Mid to Top’s (lol).


8 hours later, sound quality has definitely improved, still not good though!


20+ hours & they really have come a long way, the clarity is superb, I love the bass, plenty of it but never overpowering, you can immerse yourself in a sea of sub bass, the overall definition of sound is amazing, the stereo imaging and soundstage is impressive, I really want to like these headphones but  there’s a proviso, there’s way too much treble & at high volumes it can be rather painful, sharper than a razor blade the treble is so vicious. This could be a deal breaker?


40+ hours.......... For a set of headphones the ‘Ultrasone Pro 750 has some of the best Clarity & Detail imaginable, it has a slightly metallic sound to it which is not unpleasant. They are remarkably comfortable, the build appears to be of very high quality, the carry case is amazing, spare velvet ear-pads, 1 short cable  3.5mm stereo mini jack for MP3 players/phones, a longer coiled cable for professional use terminating with a 6.33mm stereo jack plug.


The Sub-Bass on these cans is phenomenal, I just love the bottom end on these cans, whatever device you plug them into you will be astounded by the bass & clarity. The low frequencies are so clearly defined and they don’t detract at all with the mids/highs. It’s close to listening to high end speakers. Most of the listening sessions were done using ALAC (Apple Lossles) files with an iPod connected to my Sony PHA-1 Headphone Amplifier/DAC,  a few hours listening to FLAC’s on my Hisoundaudio Studio-V. I tried several iPods on their own the bass even sounds powerful straight out of the iPod and they all sounded good un-amped (Shuffle 4G, Touch 4G + 5G,  iPod Video 5G, iPod Classic 7G + a Microsoft Zune 80gb). Some of the songs I’ve listened to sounded absolutely incredible, best I’d ever heard them. When the circumstances are right, the headphones are amazing performers, sometimes they sound like the best headphones I have ever listened to.


I’m really sorry about this part of the review, I thought that just maybe I had found a perfect pair of headphones, but things are not all good. These are one of the worst headphones I have ever listened to...... Sometimes (quiet frequently) ...... The treble is so vicious that at loud volumes I can only describe it as painful. At quiet volume the sound quality is ok but still not right. But, and a big but, once your turn up the volume you are immediately rewarded with torture, ear piercing treble/top-end, so far forward it takes away the enjoyment of the music, it’s really fatiguing and you find yourself lowering the volume, the frequencies are wrong on these, why have you done this Ultrasone? I wanted to love them so much, those beautiful basslines and the lovely clean detailed sound. At ear-splitting levels they still sound good but I can’t take the pain anymore. I’ve dusted them off, put everything back in the original packaging, 3 days of painful bliss over....


At 0.8m the cable is a little short, only good if you can keep your Music Player/Phone in a top pocket.

The left-hand side velvet ear-pad unscrewed itself and fell off several times.


Verdict: OUCH!!!!! If it wasn't for the 'Highs' I would have scored them well........... However.. In reality whats the point owning a pair of headphones if you can't wear them, I have gone for the no pain route.





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Completely agree! I am getting abuse about my review for the same reasons you have encountered! Glad I am not alone in my opinion of these.... :)
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