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The most unnatural sounding headphones I have ever heard

A Review On: Ultrasone PRO 750

Ultrasone PRO 750

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Pros: Bass

Cons: Unnatural sound, horrible highs

I will keep this short. I couldn't find many reviews so I decided to take a gamble and try these out for size. The gamble did not pay off! The Pro 750s have a horrible unnatural sound that defies belief. They do work with some electronic music but everything else just sounds wrong. It is not even a matter of taste, responsiveness etc, it is just a very poor technical design. I even let them burn in for around 20 hours to see if that would take off their horrible hard edged treble and overkill bass but it didn't work. They remained unnatural and just overbearing at either end of the spectrum. If you want mega bass and really pronounced highs then give these a try. I gave them to my colleagues to try and all returned them within seconds complaining of the treble hurting their ears. Sorry Ultrasone :(


Despite reading that, i still want to hear a pair.
Be prepared for hearing damage between 3 - 20KHz :)
This appears to be yet another case of poor QC on Ultrasone's part. Having owned the 550, 750, 900, Signature Pro, and Edition 8, I found the Edition 8 to exhibit the worst quality control (I've simultaneously owned 3 unique sets), whereas the 900 sounded downright terrible! Shrill, exaggerated highs, uncontrolled, boomy bass, scooped out mids, you name it. The 500, 750, and Signature Pro's, however, were far more level throughout the frequency spectrum, and I've enjoyed each one immensely. In fact, the Signature Pro sit atop my ranking, as the second best closed-back I've owned (first being the T5p). Unfortunately, Ultrasone REALLY needs to step it up, when it comes to quality control (or lack thereof). The Edition 10 is yet another (unfortunate) example.
I've heard headphones for 50$ that sounds better than the 900, ED 8 and 10. The house sound is metallic, shrill and unnatural. Hope they can get their act together and design a proper headphone. Sig Pro seems to be the right step forward but haven't listened yet. Not sure I even like to when I know how grossly overpriced they are for the sound you get.
I'm sorry to derail the discussion, but the Signature Pro is a rare breed, and I honestly advise anyone considering the Signature Pro NOT to be discouraged by the rest of Ultrasone's (occasionally flawed) lineup. Not too long ago, I attended a local Head-Fi meet where more than one individual gave my Signature Pros a listen, and all were very positively surprised, to say the least. I even had a few listeners inquire about their price, as they were genuinely interested in purchasing a pair. On the contrary, where the 900 Pro and Edition 8 are concerned, my experience was no different than Sweden's.
I picked a pair up about a week ago. I'm loving the sound compared to the HD555 I was using. The mid and high range is just right to me. The bass does seem a tad strong but I haven't burned them in yet, I just turned down the bass on my e17 and it's just right for now. I got them during the $161 Amazon sale and not sure I could do much better for that price range. The treble seems great, I wonder if it's QC differences or personal preference. I'm definitely keeping these.
I have these and the treble did hurt at first, but after burning them in it was fine. Did you burn them is? If so for how long?
If that's you in the picture, the way you probably have to wear a headphone headband because of the tall height of your hair (either immediately over your forehead or at the very back of your head) I do not doubt that the Pro 750 sounds bad to you.  It is absolutely necessary for the Pro 750 to be worn a particular way otherwise it will not sound very good. 
I suggest you have your hair cut much shorter on the top or at least comb it down and then try the Pro 750 again with the headband in the center of the top of your head.  The placement of your ear should follow into the correct positioning if the headband is centered on top of the head. 
You will be amazed at how much better the sound of the Pro 750 is when they are worn correctly.
Peter - lol, that is not me! You are clearly not familiar with 90s American culture :) Just to say I recently had another listen to the 750s and stick by my comments completely. They are harsh, bright and completely unnatural. There would not even feature in my top 20 of closed back headphones.....
There is something wrong somewhere.  Maybe it's your amp.  I don't know, but my 6 year long experience with the Pro 750 is the polar opposite of your experience.  I could not ask for a more beautiful sounding headphone.  Did you try repositioning as I suggested in my previous comment?  Are you using EQ.  Use a "flat" response amp.  The Pro 750 needs no EQing.
By the way, who is the person in the picture? I am familiar with modern American culture but apparently not the same segment of that culture as is your familiairity.   
Hey Peter, I am happy for you. Let's just leave it that we have totally different perceptions of this headphone. The thing is I have tried two separate pairs of these and had the same experience both times. Also other friends of mine, some of which are recording artists, hate these things for the same reasons I do which gives me confidence it is not just my view on these. Amps will not change the fundamental characteristics of these headphones very much. That picture is a character from the Kid 'n' Play movies, look it up. Was a cult classic back in the 90s... :) Glad you are enjoying your 750s.
I want to make it clear that I am not trying to change your mind.  What I am trying to do is figure out why your extremely negative perception of these headphones is not only the opposite of mine but also the opposite of other many people some of whom are recording industry professionals.  In actuality, the Pro 750 has become increasingly popular among recording industry professionals according to my understanding.
I respectfully disagree that amps do not change the sound of the Pro 750.  I can tell you from personal experience that there is a remarkable difference when using these phones with EQ or not.  They sound significantly better through a "flat" response amp with no augmented EQ.  I had the experience of powering off someones equalizer and plugging the Pro 750 directly into the source amp because of complaints from someone of the Pro 750 not sounding good.  After I made the aforementioned changes, their opinion of the Pro 750 changed completely to the positive.  This is the reason I believe strongly that there is something else wrong with perhaps your configuration somewhere. 
By the way, I listened to a few kid n' play videos.  If you like their performances, we also have vastly different tastes in music which is probably the reason I've never heard of them and didn't know who the person shown in the picture is.  I enjoy traditional Jazz and Classical Music mostly. 
Hey Peter, my view of these headphones is negative in comparison with their competition. I have many friends who work in production and Ultrasone is a brand that is not used by any of them, especially those who work for large broadcasting organisations. I am sure your information is accurate though ;)
I am not interested in hearing these headphones again, there are too many better alternatives and probably some in the Ultrasone Pro range that I would prefer.
The Kid 'n' Play comments are bizarre, why would you assume I listen to their music as a source of serious listening?!? I listen to all genres including classical and jazz and have two friends who attended to Royal College of Music who have given me many great classical pieces to listen to, some I even tried on the 750s......and disliked what the 750s did to them. Anyway, I am signing off on these now. Enjoy your headphones, it is only your views that matter at the end of the day, not mine.
I did not assume anything about your musical tastes.  I wrote "IF" in my comment which was in completion "IF you like their performances, we also have vastly different tastes in music..."  I did not know in actuality your musical tastes and, once again, never made any assumption whatsoever. 
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