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Ultrasone IQ Reviews


Extreme tuning, some will love it most people won't


Pros: Tasty low end, aggressive, clinical, focus sound, great isolation when proper sealed, great leather pouch.

Cons: Pushy high-mid, quite expensive for what it is, uncomfortable to wear, stock cable not so good, lack of air and for this price no cleaning tool?

I went to shop for upgrade from my beloved Westone 4.   Didn't bother to get custom. Aiming around $500-1000 options   Audition candidates  1. Ultrasone IQ  $730 2. AKG K3003  $1,140 3. Sennheiser IE800 $ 660 4. Aurisonics ASG-2  $653 5. Heir Audio IEM 5.0+ $ 690     Here are the mini review of IQ and versus of the other candidates.     Sub low to Low End IQ: has great sub low to low, thanks to the hybrid drivers design, I like it rumbles and has great impact low and moderate decay time. not too tight not too loose, just right. great low end texture and very controlled and tasty. Still a little bit bloated and...
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PRECISE - Detail Orientated


Pros: Everything about them aside from the Cons, Sound Stage excellent, Detail Amazing.

Cons: Getting the right seal, if it isn't there, or you can't achieve it, then they sound awful. Very recessed lower fequencies

THIS IS MY FIRST EVER HEADPHONE REVIEW. EDITED SLIGHTLY, PLEASE SEE FURTHER COMMENTS -->   I recently bought a pair of these, and this is the story as far as I am concerned. Experience base goes from Etymotic's, through the Shure 535's and IE8's (Although I suspect my IE8's are knock off).   I went to a high end store where they would let me listen as they had spare tips etc etc, and paid £595. They are the IQ9 model. I saw them and thought that an Ultrasone IEM might be interesting so I had a predisposition to wanting to like them. I listened to some Ultrasone over ears in the same store a few weeks before, and wasn't impressed by the sound, but was by the build...
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Ultrasone IQ my final destination for IEM


Pros: Bass Quality, mid and high range extension

Cons: Getting the right seal

At the end of 2012 I started looking for my Shure SE530 replacement for IEMs and for me the Ultrasone IQ was really a gamble that paid off.     The sound signature for these IEM's is what I prefer.  Very clear precise bass response, excellent separation in all ranges.  I really love the mid tone clarity and extension in high range.    With that excellent mid and high range you really need to ensure a good seal otherwise it is not a good listening experience.  The silicone tips sent with did not seal at all for me.  The compy Tx tips and triple flange worked well.    
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