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Best Boom for your buck!!

A Review On: Ultrasone HFI-780

Ultrasone HFI-780

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Pros: Perfectly tuned bass, balanced mids, tamed highs (after a few hours of burn in) surprisingly light weight, solid build and great looking cans

Cons: Bass was almost too big out if the box but after a few hours they settle in nicely and bass is perfect!! The highs are tight but also settle in nicely

Wasn't sure what to expect out of the box because of all the mixed reviews. By mixed you would see 9 that love and totally swear by Ultrasone but then there was always one troll hating on em and as bummy as their attitude was you always need to think about the bad reviews. That being said I took a risk and my goodness did it pay off!! Now I listen to all kinds of music. I don't mean different types of hip hop or Dub I mean I have music that ranges from Slipknot to Enya!! I live music all sorts of it except new age rap and country. Sorry, can't do it.. Anyway here are some of the artist I started off with but were not limited to.

Ministry of Sound Dup step mix

Adele 19 @ 21


S & M live Metallica

Goat Rodeo Yo-Yo Ma and company (best CD of the year if you love music)

Bruno Mars

And Guns and Roses appittite for destruction

So basically I'm all over the place but I wanted to see how they behaved in a bunch of different senarios. I even plugged them into my Astro Mix-Amp 5.8 and played Forza 4 with em. But no matter how I tried to twist them up they were game for everything!! Yes you may be able to find a set with slightly better highs but after you chase the highs with boring lows and overwhelming mids (cough HD600) what exactly are you working with?? I wanted a set that I could listen to Evanessace one song then Lil Wayne the next followed up by Al Green without wishing I had a different set for each song and these bad boys do the trick!! They aren't some cold black ugly over engineered set that forgot bass is Z most important Zing in za vorld!! Ultrasone focused on what brings headphones to life without forgetting about everything else. Now only time will tell as far as longevity goes but by the looks of things these beast will be in it for the long haul.

These cans may not be for everyone because they are and will be just to much awesome for some people to handle but for those that love music all ranges of it will love these cans and for the price of $150 (Amazon) you will not find another pair better then these, and if you are a sponcer and feel that you have a better product out there that can our shine these please contact me and I'd love to do a video comparison and post it to this site.

Now that the love has been passed I only have one concern.. If these are so amazing and they obviously are, how much better can the Edition 8 $1500 super beast be over the 780's?? Again, if any sponcer would like to give me a pair so I can review them I would be more than willing to "test" them out. Sorry in advance that they were not returned in a timely manner 😁😁


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