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Ultrasone HFI-780 Reviews


Controversal Ultrasone HFI-780


Pros: Bright, detailed sound, powerful bass, wide soundstage

Cons: Uncomfortable, too aggressive sounding

Ultrasone headphones are getting a lot of attention all over the internet due to probably very good marketing efforts. Before buying it for some reason I thought that I will be getting one of the best headphones on the planet in the price range.   After having it for a month or so and having at least 175 hours of burn in on them I still can't decide if I like them or not. If I had to describe sound signature of this headphone I would use one word: aggressive. It seems to attack your ears with very powerful bass and extremely bright high frequencies at the same time. Some will say that its not a bad thing and generally I would agree because usually I like such sound signature....
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Great for Movies and watching tv


Pros: Forward vocal presentation-Great for Movies, TV and good for Games

Cons: Not the most musical

It is a decent pair of headphones. Nice comfort, good to very good design and quality. Outstanding for Movies with forward vocals but theres better out there for musical.

Love It or Hate It


Pros: S-Logic, ULE, sound quality, punchy bass, treble

Cons: uncomfortable, huge headband

I really love these 'phones due to their bright sound, extended treble and punchy bass. The frequencies range from a very deep sounding sub-bass to almost harsh highs, which to me sound very sparkling, though. Whenever I wear these headphones I never have the feeling that the sound is altered and they feel very natural to me. With warmer sounding cans like the Beyerdynamic, I have the feeling that I cut myself from real life and I can easily tell if somebody is talking to me. With the HFI-780, outside noise could just as well be part of the record - I couldn't tell the difference with people speaking in the same room (with live recordings anyway).   I ripped my eardrum open...
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Sounds Better Than It Measures


Pros: Punchy bass, Good Mids, Musical

Cons: Highs can be harsh, Bass is not well extended, Fit is hit or miss for some

This is a love it or hate it headphone. This headphone measures quite poorly according to the measurements I've looked at. This headphone sounds terrific!   Fit / Comfort   This is one of the areas where many find problems. I've worn this for extended periods and sometimes if I have it sitting the wrong way, I do experience some discomfort. I've also worn this for extended periods with no problems at all. The clamp is about as strong as a Beyer DT770. Though the headband has a cushion where it pushes down on the top of your head, the headband is what usually causes discomfort for me if I have it too far back on my head.   Sound Quality   Every time I...
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Ultrasone HFI-780 first impression

Some time ago, while reading head-fi.org  forum, I noticed that members were complaining that buyers of  HFI-780 disappear right after making a purchase and do not give feedback…   Being a proud owner of AKG 702 for almost 3 years, recently I was forced to buy another pair of headphones.  This time I needed closed cans in order to use it at work.  “Ultrasone HFI-780 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional Headphones” was the item of my choice.   The first impression, when I unpacked the package, was positive, but not that positive as I expected.   I know that HFI is almost $130 cheaper, but I still wanted something similar to AKG.  ...
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Ultrasone HFI-780 - true sound, professional choice


Pros: Clean, detailed sound, powerful and deep bass, wide soundstage, S-Logic Plus tech, very good looking

Cons: None so far.

I've bought these HFI-780 a while ago and I'm really happy with them! Spectacular, very refined sound and the bass is full and clean. I've decided to buy these professional high-class headphones after a deep research and following some pro musicians recommendations (had to choose from HFI-580 and HFI-780).   At first I was skeptical, but I really like S-Logic Plus technology. Despite what I've read on other reviews, they have very deep and powerful bass, but that may depend on the player they are connected to. Eg. on a Sony PSP or on a PC with quality sound card they are INCREDIBLE! The mids and highs are very accurate and detailed (these headphones are intended for Studio...
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Best Boom for your buck!!


Pros: Perfectly tuned bass, balanced mids, tamed highs (after a few hours of burn in) surprisingly light weight, solid build and great looking cans

Cons: Bass was almost too big out if the box but after a few hours they settle in nicely and bass is perfect!! The highs are tight but also settle in nicely

Wasn't sure what to expect out of the box because of all the mixed reviews. By mixed you would see 9 that love and totally swear by Ultrasone but then there was always one troll hating on em and as bummy as their attitude was you always need to think about the bad reviews. That being said I took a risk and my goodness did it pay off!! Now I listen to all kinds of music. I don't mean different types of hip hop or Dub I mean I have music that ranges from Slipknot to Enya!! I live music all sorts of it except new age rap and country. Sorry, can't do it.. Anyway here are some of the artist I started off with but were not limited to. Ministry of Sound Dup step mix Adele 19 @ 21 Incubus S &...
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Very good versatile headphone


Pros: Good SQ overall, Not too expensive, Comfortable, Portable, Great Isolation, Easy to drive (no amp required)

Cons: Recessed mids, Short cable, Wide headband can make you look goofy

This quick review is done after a few hours of listening. I bought them from B&H for the decent sum of 150$. If you've done your research you'll find out that Ultrasone HPs are known for their deep, strong bass, slightly recessed mids, and somewhat shrill/metallic highs. Some like it, some don't. I do. They also require anywhere between 100-300 hours of burn in, from what I've read around here. I listen to them straight out of my Dell Vostro V131, Clip+, and iPod 2nd gen + Fiio E6 via LOD (the headphone jack doesn't work well anymore.) with 320kbps files.   SOUND   On first impression, these do have good base extension and impact, although less than what I've...
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Great Headphones


Pros: Good sound, Good value, Cord Length

Cons: Sub-par Comfort, Sharp highs.

After owning and using the HFI-780 for almost a year I am happy with the headphones. Sound Quality is good, bass is just ok but not powerful like some claim. Comfort is the weaker area but not that bad for me, that is compared to Senn HD-600's which are very comfy. Headphones can be worn for long periods of time but I found the top of band that rests on my head causes discomfort and I need to readjust them periodically. I found the clamping to not be an issue, It clamps nice and tight but not to tight. Construction is solid they will hold up with heavy use. The cord is nice and short about 3 feet and extension included, length is perfect for use with a laptop, I really hope more...
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