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Ultrasone HFI-580 Reviews


A worthy upgrade for the M50.


Pros: TIght, clean. clear and detailed bass; sharp and clear mids + highs; unique soundstaging and superior instrumental separation

Cons: Comfort, sometimes uncontrolled highs, lifeless and metallic mids

Ultrasone HFI-580 vs Audio Technica M50 vs Audio Technica Pro700 MKII



Pros: BASS, BASS, forward highs, clarity, good soundstage for closed cans,S-logic plus, isolation (once music is underway), PRaT (or so I've heard)

Cons: Recessed mids, really long burn-in, really long cord, bits of sibilance

My gateway drug to the realm of audiophilia. Bought them to pwn Monsters, but they do far more. These cans are BASS MONSTERS, with punchy, powerful bass that goes loooooow; They KICK but they RUMBLE too. Word on the street is that an amp does a bit in reigning in the bass so the mids can come out and play. Burn-in took daaays, but after it all I feel like the bass became a bit more tame (EQ and amplification will still easily let out the capacity of this can's lows). They cans particularly rock for hip-hop, rap, R&B, techno, dubsteb, and folk/acoustic. Yes. Folk, acoustic.    go get you a pair.   Fight the Beats hype.

Ultrasone hfi 580


Pros: Sound quality, comfort, bass, highs/lows, looks, style, feel, design, sound isolation

Cons: None.

Very good headphones with great bass output. Beats the m50's by a mile and has good highs/mids without bass overpowering them. The headphones look really cool and are legit looking. They fold up and don't look to big on your head. Overall great headphones in every aspect.
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