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Ultrasone HFI-580 Reviews

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The real "bang for the buck" headphone


Pros: Tight, controlled bass; average mids and high; isolation; bright soundstage

Cons: Long ass cord; the cushion is not durable; can be uncomfortable

I purchased this pair about 2 years ago, when I just got to the audiophile world. I remember reading a thread the ATH-M50 and HFI-580 with a lot of different opinions, so I decided to test both. The local shop provide me 2 sample of the headphones, both had experience hundreds of hours of playing music. So this is more like a comparison: Bass is very detailed and well tuned, doesn't overpower. It just stay there and when the song calls for it, you'll be surprised how tight and controlled the bass is. This is the bass quality of decent 300$ plus headphones. If the M50's bass is all about quantity, while 580 is quality. The mids and the high is just above average; might be better than the...
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Perhaps one of the best "bang for the buck" basshead can


Pros: Great bass / Not too expensive

Cons: Pleather pads / Looong straigt fixed cable (I prefer removeable or coiled cables)

Sound: For their price they are probably one of the best basshead cans out there. While I find my Beyer 770 Pros sound overall somewhat more "refined" the HFi580s clearly beat em in bass rendition...   Comfort / Build Quality: I'm not a big fan of pleather pads as they tend to get hot and sticky when its warm, but besides this they are not too bad. Overall build fits the price-point imo.   Recommendation: My recommendation is to compare em with the Beyer 770 Pro 80 to check where your preference goes. If you like bass and don't want to spend too much, both are a good choice, in the end it's just a matter of taste imo.

Unfortunate glaring flaws detract from what is otherwise a fantastic value performer...


Pros: Great bass, Satisfactory mids, Good Isolation, Looks, Build Quality, Screw-on 1/4 inch adapter

Cons: Bright treble, Metallic Sounding, Pleather quality, Clamp pressure, Sweat prone, Headband discomfort

note- I actually have the Ultrasone DJ1 but since they're essentially the same as the HFI-580 (For those that don't know, the DJ1 is the same headphone with a different colour scheme / logo, and a coiled cable), I decided to post the review here for more exposure.   I bought these phones to compliment my Grado SR-225i as a sealed headphone for more bass-intensive music like electronic and hip hop. These phones are pretty hyped around here, many people quoting them to be a basshead's headphones. This might be true for you depending on what you consider basshead to mean. If a basshead, to you, is 'I WANT MOAR!', these have potential because you can EQ them to be very bassy, but they...
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