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Ultrasone HFI-580 Reviews

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Perhaps one of the best "bang for the buck" basshead can


Pros: Great bass / Not too expensive

Cons: Pleather pads / Looong straigt fixed cable (I prefer removeable or coiled cables)

Sound: For their price they are probably one of the best basshead cans out there. While I find my Beyer 770 Pros sound overall somewhat more "refined" the HFi580s clearly beat em in bass rendition...   Comfort / Build Quality: I'm not a big fan of pleather pads as they tend to get hot and sticky when its warm, but besides this they are not too bad. Overall build fits the price-point imo.   Recommendation: My recommendation is to compare em with the Beyer 770 Pro 80 to check where your preference goes. If you like bass and don't want to spend too much, both are a good choice, in the end it's just a matter of taste imo.

Unfortunate glaring flaws detract from what is otherwise a fantastic value performer...


Pros: Great bass, Satisfactory mids, Good Isolation, Looks, Build Quality, Screw-on 1/4 inch adapter

Cons: Bright treble, Metallic Sounding, Pleather quality, Clamp pressure, Sweat prone, Headband discomfort

note- I actually have the Ultrasone DJ1 but since they're essentially the same as the HFI-580 (For those that don't know, the DJ1 is the same headphone with a different colour scheme / logo, and a coiled cable), I decided to post the review here for more exposure.   I bought these phones to compliment my Grado SR-225i as a sealed headphone for more bass-intensive music like electronic and hip hop. These phones are pretty hyped around here, many people quoting them to be a basshead's headphones. This might be true for you depending on what you consider basshead to mean. If a basshead, to you, is 'I WANT MOAR!', these have potential because you can EQ them to be very bassy, but they...
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