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Great for the price

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Ultrasone HFI-580

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Pros: Bass, isolation when music is playing, attractive, decent sound quality, very comfortable

Cons: lacking mids, ridiculously long cable

These are my first pair of over-ear headphones, and my "nicest" pair of headphones before this were some 30$ skullcandy earbuds which at the time sounded amazing to me.

I can't do much comparing to other sets of cans but I can say I am completely satisfied with the quality of these for their price. I have picked up on some things after many hours with these on. The bass is pretty good without being overpowering. I ride the shuttle to class everyday at my university and they are very loud and the engines idle at terrible levels creating very uncomfortable pressure on my ears but since using these I hear virtually nothing from the bus engines. They seal pretty well too even when the music is pumped up fairly loud so others aren't disturbed by my bad taste in music wink_face.gif. I have walked behind someone wearing over ear Beats and heard every word from some rap song playing through the overpriced ear bling, but that's not the case with these Ultrasone's.


The silver on black design is pretty slick looking and I've pretty much gotten over feeling ridiculous in public with over ear cans on. These look nice, so they definitely helped!


My only complaint is the mids are pretty recessed in some songs. Some songs are worse than others, but its unnoticeable to my untrained ears for the majority of my music library.


Oh, and the cable is like ten feet long which is good for my gaming, but I've temporarily braided it which cut it down to about 3 feet for walking around campus until I can mod these to make the cable removable. I've also seen complaints about clamping discomfort but they feel great on my fairly large head. My ears sweat a little but I rarely even notice it, and there's never any pain.


I can't tell you which cans these are better than but I can reinforce the pretty positive vibe floating around headfi for these hfi580s. For the price and SQ I feel confident recommending these to anyone!


Ridiculously long cable? I got the new version with 1,2 m cable. I'm super happy with it.
Like I said in my review, my pair have the original 10ft cablle. Thats a mile difference when I'm walking around campus with 6 feet of cable stuffed in my backpack.
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