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Ultrasone HFI-580

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Pros: Amazing, crisp and energetic highs and A LOT of bass (which are clear and not muddy), detailed, durable, look sexy, no amp needed, amazing soundstage

Cons: Not the most comfortable, mids are a bit recessed (though sound great), no detachable cable, cable is a bit too long for portable use

I had experience with many headphones, such as the ATH M50 and HD 380 PRO, and the HFI 580 is better in every aspect. I would pay three hundred for these! The sound is crystal clear in the entire spectrum, and the bass is huge. There is a lot of bass, and it is not overpowering nor muddy. There is so much detail in the bass region, it is almost crisp. They are pretty comfortable when you stretch them out. They clamp so hard on the head out of the box, almost at the same level as the HD 280 PRO. I just stretched them out with my own hands to make them clamp less, and the great part is that isolation is not sacrificed! Isolation is very good, but just a step lower than the M50s, and a few steps higher than the HD 380 PRO. They are easily driven by an iPod, iPhone and a MacBook PRO. Amazing headphones, that are the best in the $200 dollar price range. Though, the slightly recessed mids, no detachable cable, and the lack of comfort can be a huge turn-off to some people.


Good review, I like these headphones
how do these compare to ultrasone pro 900 by bass quantity?
@XxDobermanxX thanks man! I love these too. @sneaglebob the ultrasone pro 900 need an amp to sound their best. Without an amp, the HFI 580 have noticeably more bass than the pro 900. If the PRO 900 are amped (by let's say a Fiio E11), then the PRO 900 have more bass than the HFI 580. Do not kill me PRO 900 lovers (lol), but the PRO 900 are not worth the price, considering the HFI 580 could be had for $300 dollars less, and sound 75% as good as the PRO 900. (I tried the PRO 900 btw).
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