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Ultrasone HFI-580 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Quite good for trance


Pros: clarify, sounds nice and bassy enough

Cons: better for small hears, confort

I used during several years a DT 770 Pro 80 ohms on a iBasso D-Zero and wanted to go for a change and more mobility, they are easier to place in a computer bag, compared to the DT I appreciate to have more mediums, bass is good but not dominant, after I guess that depends on your hears and your tastes but for me this is a nice improvement. Not the most confortable.

Negative Reviews


Dr. Bass-yl and Mr. Let's Hyde the Lows


Pros: Bass (when they're 'in the mood'); sound isolation; looks; very long cord

Cons: Inconsistent bass quantity; hissing vocals

Introduction   Hi. Here's my short review of Ultrasone HFI-580. I'm not a professional writer and English isn't my native language, so bear that in mind.   My sound card: Asus Xonar D1 Music I listen to: trance (uplifting, progressive, tech), house (progressive, tech). Sometimes I also listen to hard trance, drum & bass and dubstep.   Dr. Bass-yl and Mr. Let's Hyde the Lows   During the first week I was overwhelmed with the amount of bass and its superb quality. Then they gradually got loose and lost much of their bass. It totally killed the pleasure of listening to bass-heavy tracks like Cosmic Gate - Ultra Curve or Nitrous Oxide - Magenta, which went...
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More Reviews


The real "bang for the buck" headphone


Pros: Tight, controlled bass; average mids and high; isolation; bright soundstage

Cons: Long ass cord; the cushion is not durable; can be uncomfortable

I purchased this pair about 2 years ago, when I just got to the audiophile world. I remember reading a thread the ATH-M50 and HFI-580 with a lot of different opinions, so I decided to test both. The local shop provide me 2 sample of the headphones, both had experience hundreds of hours of playing music. So this is more like a comparison: Bass is very detailed and well tuned, doesn't overpower. It just stay there and when the song calls for it, you'll be surprised how tight and controlled the bass is. This is the bass quality of decent 300$ plus headphones. If the M50's bass is all about quantity, while 580 is quality. The mids and the high is just above average; might be better than the...
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Makes all types of music enjoyable. I don't know of a better value for headphones.


Pros: Music sounds great even from poor sources without an amp. It sounds even better with better source and amp.

Cons: Heavy. Makes ears hot in the summer.

Music sounds great with these. They are a little heavy, but I knew that when I bought them. What I did not know was that they make great ear warmers. This is good for winter, but may not be so good in summer. I'm quite happy with them. They don't seem to really need a headphone amp to sound good which is another plus.  They seem to have low listening fatigue. The sound may be on the warm side, but I like that.  I recently tried them with my Bifrost and Parasound pre-amp as 'phone amp and they sound even better than with my Sony NWZE475BLK

Perhaps one of the best "bang for the buck" basshead can


Pros: Great bass / Not too expensive

Cons: Pleather pads / Looong straigt fixed cable (I prefer removeable or coiled cables)

Sound: For their price they are probably one of the best basshead cans out there. While I find my Beyer 770 Pros sound overall somewhat more "refined" the HFi580s clearly beat em in bass rendition...   Comfort / Build Quality: I'm not a big fan of pleather pads as they tend to get hot and sticky when its warm, but besides this they are not too bad. Overall build fits the price-point imo.   Recommendation: My recommendation is to compare em with the Beyer 770 Pro 80 to check where your preference goes. If you like bass and don't want to spend too much, both are a good choice, in the end it's just a matter of taste imo.

Great for the price


Pros: Bass, isolation when music is playing, attractive, decent sound quality, very comfortable

Cons: lacking mids, ridiculously long cable

These are my first pair of over-ear headphones, and my "nicest" pair of headphones before this were some 30$ skullcandy earbuds which at the time sounded amazing to me. I can't do much comparing to other sets of cans but I can say I am completely satisfied with the quality of these for their price. I have picked up on some things after many hours with these on. The bass is pretty good without being overpowering. I ride the shuttle to class everyday at my university and they are very loud and the engines idle at terrible levels creating very uncomfortable pressure on my ears but since using these I hear virtually nothing from the bus engines. They seal pretty well too even when the...
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HFI 580 Review


Pros: Tight bass, sound, stylish, folding aspect

Cons: comfort, can be a bit tinny, long cord

On the overall these headphones crush the likes of Beats and other headphones endorsed and made with DJ's.  They're a LOT cheaper too.   Bass is tightly tuned and sounds awesome without being overpowering.   On the upside, the sound produced is not overwhelming, but brings out the natural tones of the recording.  It can be a bit tinny depending on the file or the music, but you can work with this.   The foldability is fantastic, however the cord is too long for my liking, and they can be a bit hard to wear after extended periods.  Again, you can grow with this.   Very much worth investigating rather than spending up to $400 on a pair of...
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Unfortunate glaring flaws detract from what is otherwise a fantastic value performer...


Pros: Great bass, Satisfactory mids, Good Isolation, Looks, Build Quality, Screw-on 1/4 inch adapter

Cons: Bright treble, Metallic Sounding, Pleather quality, Clamp pressure, Sweat prone, Headband discomfort

note- I actually have the Ultrasone DJ1 but since they're essentially the same as the HFI-580 (For those that don't know, the DJ1 is the same headphone with a different colour scheme / logo, and a coiled cable), I decided to post the review here for more exposure.   I bought these phones to compliment my Grado SR-225i as a sealed headphone for more bass-intensive music like electronic and hip hop. These phones are pretty hyped around here, many people quoting them to be a basshead's headphones. This might be true for you depending on what you consider basshead to mean. If a basshead, to you, is 'I WANT MOAR!', these have potential because you can EQ them to be very bassy, but they...
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Pros: Amazing, crisp and energetic highs and A LOT of bass (which are clear and not muddy), detailed, durable, look sexy, no amp needed, amazing soundstage

Cons: Not the most comfortable, mids are a bit recessed (though sound great), no detachable cable, cable is a bit too long for portable use

I had experience with many headphones, such as the ATH M50 and HD 380 PRO, and the HFI 580 is better in every aspect. I would pay three hundred for these! The sound is crystal clear in the entire spectrum, and the bass is huge. There is a lot of bass, and it is not overpowering nor muddy. There is so much detail in the bass region, it is almost crisp. They are pretty comfortable when you stretch them out. They clamp so hard on the head out of the box, almost at the same level as the HD 280 PRO. I just stretched them out with my own hands to make them clamp less, and the great part is that isolation is not sacrificed! Isolation is very good, but just a step lower than the M50s, and a few...
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Bassy all arounder


Pros: Bass, mids, highs

Cons: Bit of sibilance, metalic at times, gets muddy with too much power

Read it here: http://www.pandatechreview.com/ultrasone-hfi-580-review/

A good bassy can, the perfect compliment to your mid/high focused arsenal


Pros: Great Bass, Slightly Sparkly Highs, Good Design, Fair Price

Cons: Can be slightly uncomfortable, no removable cord, mids recessed

  So it’s been a couple of weeks now since I picked up the HFi-580s and I thought it time to give my impressions. For reference the cans have been tested on the following:   Apple iPad 1st Generation 16GB Wifi Model   Samsung Epic 4G Android Phone   Creative Fatal1ty Professional PCI-e Entertainment Profile, no FX,  through Behringer Xenyx 1202FX Mixer through Foobar 2000 ASIO Playback   My comparison is going to be against my previous cans, Shure SRH440s w/ 840 pads. I will not be drawing comparison to the Monoprice cans, as I haven’t used them enough to draw an educated opinion. So let’s begin.   Packaging: The package for...
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A worthy upgrade for the M50.


Pros: TIght, clean. clear and detailed bass; sharp and clear mids + highs; unique soundstaging and superior instrumental separation

Cons: Comfort, sometimes uncontrolled highs, lifeless and metallic mids

Ultrasone HFI-580 vs Audio Technica M50 vs Audio Technica Pro700 MKII
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